Why Joseph Duggar's Florida Vacation Has Fans Seeing Red

The Duggar family is under fire again, this time because of a trip to Florida. Photos of Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra, were posted on Instagram by Kendra's family, the Caldwells. Joseph and Kendra, who is pregnant, were accompanied by their children and several members of Kendra's family.

While it looks like everyone had a good time, people were quick to criticize the family for traveling for pleasure during the pandemic. "I guess 50,000 new cases of COVID a day in the US means nothing to them," commented one person on the Instagram post (via The Sun). Another noted that the family didn't wear masks in the photos.

While the public was upset by the trip, The Sun noted that the Counting On stars did not violate any travel rules by visiting Florida from their Arkansas home. Neither state has instated travel restrictions.

The Duggars have been criticized for their behavior during the pandemic

This isn't the first time Joseph and Kendra have been criticized lately. In August, the couple faced backlash after they posted a photo of the family enjoying a day on the lake. Concerned fans called them out on the Instagram post (via Pop Culture) for not putting a life jacket on their 9-month-old daughter, Addison. A few weeks ago, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Kendra was blasted after a photo of her was posted on a friend's Instagram page in which Kendra was wearing a face mask under her nose.

Other members of the Duggar family have also come under fire for their behavior during the pandemic. Several members of the family have been spotted not practicing social distancing or wearing masks, which led to rumors back in April that the family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, thinks the pandemic is a hoax (via The Hollywood Gossip). Just last week, the Daily Mail reported that Joy-Anna Duggar was lambasted for bringing her newborn daughter to church, posing for family photos outside.