Is Eating Chocolate Making You Break Out?

When you were younger, your parents probably kept a running list of all the foods that are "bad" for you. These concerns may sound familiar: sugary sweets and desserts were a big no-no depending on the portion or time of day, while fruits and vegetables were the healthy alternatives that were always added onto your plate. When it comes to diet and skin health, you might wonder whether they were right. One day, your skin is glowing only to wake up in the morning with a loud pimple that mysteriously popped up onto your face. Breakouts are almost always attributed to the amount of sweets you eat. In fact, one of the most popular beliefs is that eating chocolate aggravates your skin and leads to breakouts. (via Byrdie).

But is this actually true or just a myth we've been told so we add more veggies to our diets? The List asked health and skin experts to weigh in on the age old debate of whether chocolate causes acne.

Does chocolate cause breakouts? The results are in

It turns out that it's all about moderation and the type of chocolate you are eating. Dr. Lisa Young, a nutritionist, author of Finally Full, Finally Slim: 30 Days to Permanent Weight Loss One Portion at a Time, and adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University, explained the benefits of eating dark chocolate on your skin. "Dark chocolate contains cocoa polyphenols, which are anti-oxidants which is good for skin health," she said. But Young added that "refined sugars, like those found in chocolate, may trigger inflammation. So if one is prone to acne, they may want to practice moderation." Although the processed sugar found in chocolate can cause acne, there are other ingredients such as cocoa that actually benefit your skin.

Cybil Solyn, an esthetician and skin fitness expert, echoes Young's sentiment on dark chocolate and adds that the ingredients found in milk chocolate are the main issue. "Chocolate itself doesn't give most people acne, it's the combination of fat, sugar, and dairy that's in milk chocolate that's giving it such a bad rap," Solyn tells The List. "To enjoy the anti-aging and mood-boosting benefits of cocoa, eat dark chocolate (65% or higher) with little to no sugar—this way your skin can stay zit free and glowing." The debate is settled. While the ingredients found in certain chocolates can lead to breakouts, it can also improve your mood and make your skin look healthier.

It looks like you can add dark chocolate back into your shopping cart.