The Most Expensive Outfits Ivanka Trump Has Ever Worn

Ivanka Trump is known for many things — for her role in the White House, her marriage to real-estate mogul Jared Kushner, for her relationship with her father, and more. Despite the politics and the drama surrounding the Trump name and family, Ivanka is arguably most known for her long-documented fashion instincts and interest in designer attire.


Since entering the White House as one of President Donald Trump's advisors, Ivanka has spared no expense, and her designer wardrobe has been on full display. But this should come as no surprise given her upbringing in the Manhattan elite scene, her brief fling with modeling, and her own designer label.

We combed through social media, old photos, and the wealth of information on the internet to not only find Ivanka Trump's standout outfits, but to discover which ensembles came with the biggest price tag. Have you ever wondered what designer she wore to the G20 Summit? How much was her wedding dress? Here are the most expensive outfits Ivanka Trump has ever worn.

Ivanka Trump turned heads in this expensive white dress with dramatic shoulder detail

Ivanka Trump has been known to travel internationally with her father as part of his White House entourage, and she has stunned while doing so. During a trip to the United Kingdom, Ivanka attended an evening with her father, the US Ambassador to the UK, and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (that's Prince Charles and Camilla, for all of us not well-versed in the royals), as reported by the Daily Mail.


Ivanka looked beautiful in an off-white gown that featured a dramatic shoulder design and brooch, and she paired the look with pumps, a clutch, and gorgeous earrings. Here are the cost details: The dress, called the Kora from designer Safiyaa, set the first daughter back about $1,600. The shoes, which featured crystals in the design, were from designer Jimmy Choo and cost about $860. The price of Ivanka's earrings was not disclosed, but we can imagine, given the designer nature of her look, that they cost a pretty penny. She topped off the look with a sleek bun hairstyle and classic makeup. All in all, we're a fan of this look. 

Ivanka Trump wore this expensive dress at a state dinner

We fully understand the expression "dress to impress," and Ivanka Trump clearly does too, as she pulled out all the stops for her father's first official state dinner in the White House. And if you thought that a dress worth $1,500 was a lot, brace yourselves. For the occasion, Ivanka opted for a pink tulle gown from designer Rodarte that set her back $12,888, as reported by Yahoo! Life. Yep, we're having a hard time accepting that number too. 


According to the gown's description, the dress was "crafted to swathe the figure," and featured soft ruffles, a boat neckline, and a V-shaped design in the back. The focal point of the gown was the floral embellishment located at the waistline, which bled into the multi-tiered skirt. "Save it for the most elegant of occasions," the description read, and Ivanka did just that. She paired the look with black pumps, a neat bun, and drop-down earrings. The ensemble was topped off with her bold red lip color and effortless charm. Now that's a look that has set the bar high.

At the Milken Institute Global Conference, Ivanka Trump chose this blue power suit

Just like so many other fashion choices, pantsuits have become surprisingly political, and Ivanka Trump opted for the powerful look while at the 2019 Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif. While at the event, she opted for a powder blue pantsuit by the designer Partow, as noted by AOL, and looked right in line with the conference's panel, which included advisors from Lockheed Corporation, EY, Visa, and Alphabet. 


Let's break down the outfit: The blazer alone was $1,895. Yeah, give us a moment while we compose ourselves... The flared leg trousers that accompanied the suit were $1,544, giving the suit as a whole a $3,440 price tag. She paired the look with a white button up blouse and a pair of black suede pumps from designer Gianvito Rossi which set her back $675. To top off a very expensive day look, Ivanka chose to go with big, loose curls and minimal jewelry, only going for a pair of stud earrings and, of course, her wedding band.

Ivanka Trump's plaid ensemble at the G20 cost her a pretty penny

Just like the president of the United States, Ivanka Trump has used international trips to solidify her place in global politics, and she has done so looking effortlessly stylish. While attending the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018, she decided to make a bold statement in an Oscar de la Renta ensemble. The look started off with a peplum style top with a navy and white grid-like pattern. Ivanka paired the top with a slim white belt to accentuate her waist. The coordinating pencil skirt featured the same pattern and a hemline that cut off just below the knee. 


As noted by the Daily Mail, the aesthetic of the design was a result of Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia of Oscar de la Renta, as the designers have focused on bringing a modernity to classic silhouettes. Now for the price tag. The top itself was $2,490, and the coordinating pencil skirt was $1,190, bringing the total of just the outfit itself to $3,680. Ivanka paired the look with a mid-sized handbag from her own Ivanka Trump designer label, valued at $275.

Ivanka Trump withstood some backlash for this expensive look

We're not entirely sure what we would decide to wear if given the chance to dine with the queen of England, but Ivanka Trump clearly knew what she was doing. While attending a banquet with Queen Elizabeth II during a trip to the United Kingdom, Ivanka turned heads in a baby blue gown by Carolina Herrera, but maybe not for the right reasons. 


The dress itself was gorgeous. Called the Tie-Sleeve Sparkle-Embroidered Trench Gown, as noted by the Daily Mail, it was composed of both gown and suit-like details, as it featured a collared shirt design and a button down front. The three-quarter length sleeves were completed with a tie-detail, giving the bodice of the dress a businesslike look. The body of the gown was detailed with a beautiful, delicate floral design and we'll fully concede that Ivanka looked gorgeous. 

But some critics, including etiquette expert William Hanson, said that the dress "missed the mark," as it was too informal for the occasion. Maybe if he had seen the price tag, he would've thought differently. The gown cost $11,600. She paired the look with her classic bun hairstyle and pearl jewelry.


Ivanka Trump donned Kate Middleton's favorite designer while on a trip to the UK

Ivanka Trump's trip to the United Kingdom really saw her pull out all the stops, and we can't blame her. Who wouldn't want to gallivant around London in designer outfits? And from the looks of it, the first daughter did some digging into the go-to designers of the UK's royal ladies, as she channeled one of Kate Middleton's favorites while in London in 2019. While attending a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, Ivanka wore an ensemble by designer Alessandra Rich, a favorite of Middleton and her sister, Pippa. As noted by the Evening Standard, Ivanka made sure to stick to the royal dress code and opted for a more modest look. 


The Alessandra Rich design featured a white skirt with pleated details and a peplum-style jacket, and Ivanka paired the look with a decadent crystal belt at the waist. In pure London fashion, Ivanka wore a fascinator and kept her blonde hair straight and neat. Now for the cost. The skirt was a modest $1,109 and the jacket was a cute $2,021, bringing the total of the Alessandra Rich design to $3,130.

Ivanka Trump's wedding dress made a huge dent in someone's bank account

It seems that most ladies are prepared to spend a pretty penny on their wedding dress, and Ivanka Trump was no exception. While some modern brides have channeled Sophie's dress from Mamma Mia! or even Carrie Bradshaw's gorgeous look from Sex and the City, Ivanka opted for a Grace Kelly-inspired design. Her gown for the celebratory day was a custom made Vera Wang design, which featured three-quarter length sleeves and layers upon layers of Chantilly and Lyon lace, as noted by PopSugar. The dress weighed about 50 pounds and was stitched together by 28 seamstresses. 


The cost? Well, the dress itself was estimated to set Ivanka back (or her father, depending on who was paying) about $50,000. But that's not even the half of it. As noted by The Cut, Ivanka wore $220,000 worth of jewelry on the big day. Yes, you read that correctly. Let's break it down. The earrings, made of diamond and platinum, were worth $130,000 on their own. She then opted for a $90,000 diamond bracelet and then, of course, a wedding band to seal the deal.

Burberry was Ivanka Trump's designer of choice on this outing

While on a trip to the United Kingdom to support her father at a business roundtable with industry professionals from both the United States and the UK, Ivanka opted for a gorgeous skirt from designer label Burberry, which featured soft pleats, a spotted print, and a knee-length hemline, as noted by Express. She paired the skirt with a coordinated blouse, also from Burberry, that featured a pussy-bow detail. And if she didn't have enough Burberry throughout her look, she topped it off with a pair of the label's pumps.


So let's go through the prices: The skirt was $1,102 on its own, and the blouse was the same price too. The shoes were $713, so, all together, the Burberry ensemble was almost $3,000. 

Although Ivanka Trump has made a habit of wearing new designs fairly often, she did recycle this look from 2019. Ivanka wore the skirt in 2020 and paired it with a modest black sweater and heels. She showed off the fresh take on the Burberry skirt in a photo taken to celebrate her husband on Father's Day. We love an outfit repeater.

Ivanka Trump opted for Oscar de la Renta pants on her way to Camp David

We know that when walking on grass is involved, the best outfit option is a pair of leggings and sneakers. Dreaded are the garden weddings that make our heels sink into the grass or the park picnics that result in irritated skin from wearing shorts. Grass is not our friend, but that didn't seem to deter Ivanka Trump when she walked across the White House lawn to board Marine One for Camp David back in 2018. The first daughter opted for a pair of $1,490 Oscar de la Renta high-waisted trousers for the occasion, according to the Daily Mail, and she paired the pants with a timeless white top. 


The pants themselves caused quite a stir given how much extra material there was at the end of each pant leg, despite Ivanka pairing them with classic black stiletto heels. And even the Daily Mail conceded that her shoes were most likely "sinking into the ground," a fate that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy. Ivanka paired the effortless look with a pair of sunglasses and wore her straight blonde hair in her classic middle-part. If she has a tip for walking on soggy grass in five-inch heels, we'd love to hear it.

While celebrating working parents, Ivanka Trump chose a dress worth thousands

Since entering the White House, Ivanka Trump has led a number of initiatives including the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative and advocacy work for fair opportunity for working parents. But the outfit she chose while attending an event with working parents at the White House back in 2018 may have missed the mark just slightly. For the occasion, Ivanka chose a white fitted dress from designer Emilia Wickstead that cost $2,110, as reported by Express. The dress featured a high neckline, a fitted bodice, and black button detailing. 


She paired it with a Chanel purse, a pair of black sunnies, black stilettos, and, of course, her classic straight hairstyle with a middle part. And while we fully admit that she looked absolutely beautiful, the cost of the dress alone was more than what most working parents pay in rent per month in the United States. After the event, Ivanka left the White House with her husband, Jared Kushner, for a weekend getaway with her family. The luxury.

In one designer moment, Ivanka Trump opted for this pricey dress for a day on the job

While on the job in September 2019, Ivanka Trump wore army green in one expensive look. While on a trip in Bogota, Colombia to visit female police cadets at the General Santander National Police Academy (via Insider), Ivanka chose a khaki green Johanna Ortiz dress worth about $1,650. The dress was a bold choice. According to the product description, the dress was "made from comfortable cotton-blend fabric" and "dyed a deep forest green hue with crisscrossing ties at the waist and a voluminous skirt with a dramatic flounced hem." As per the designer, the dress should be paired with "simple sandals and a woven bag."


The first daughter paired the statement look with muted pumps and her chopped bob hair cut. Due to the high profile nature of the visit with the female cadets, Ivanka took to Instagram to describe the work she was doing abroad. "These courageous women have all overcome significant hardship to be where they are today," she wrote on Instagram. "Like Colombia, they are not looking backward, they are looking forward."

Unfortunately, Ivanka's words weren't what was best remembered by her trip. During her time in Colombia, wind caught the sleeves of her dress, bringing them up near her neck, making for one of the most awkward Ivanka Trump moments captured by millions.

Ivanka Trump's Valentino ensemble at the G20 came with a cost

The G20 Summit is known as a meeting place for foreign leaders, but Ivanka Trump has also made it a platform for high fashion. While attending the 2019 summit with her father in Japan, Ivanka turned heads in a Valentino dress, according to Express. Before we disclose the cost, here are the outfit details: The designer dress was made from a light pink silk that was adorned with a delicate print. It featured a high neckline (a go-to for the First Daughter) and bell-shaped sleeves, and Ivanka complemented the look with a pair of nude pumps. Now for the cost: The Valentino dress alone set Ivanka back more than $3,600. Yes, we too are shaking just looking at that number. 


In classic Ivanka Trump style, she paired the look with a white belt at the waist and wore her straight hairstyle with a middle part. But in a deviation from her go-to natural makeup look, she opted for a bolder pink lip and darker eye makeup. And in a room full of world leaders, Ivanka clearly knew what to wear in order to stand out from the crowd.

This Ivanka Trump spring ensemble came with one of the biggest price tags yet

For some people, days in the office typically calls for a good pair of jeans from Madewell, maybe a cute top from Urban Outfitters, and a blazer we stole from our mom's closet. But Ivanka Trump didn't limit herself on one April 2017 day, as she opted for an Oscar de la Renta ensemble for a day at work, as noted by the Daily Mail. She was spotted leaving her home in D.C. wearing the lace-adorned look from the designer, with details and a price tag that will leave you speechless. 


Here's what you need to know about the look. The lace pencil skirt in white was paired with a coordinated blouse which featured a very high neckline and sheer sleeves. Ivanka topped off the look with a middle-parted bun, gold-rimmed sunglasses, and nude pumps and tucked a blush pink bag under her arm. As for the price tag? The blouse alone was $2,070 and — prepare yourselves — the skirt was $2,890. So without the shoes, the glasses, or the bag that Ivanka was spotted with, the outfit was worth almost $5,000. And while she looked fantastic, this is a look we know we won't be pulling off any time soon.

Ivanka Trump opted for an expensive dress when meeting with Ethiopia's president

While on a trip to Ethiopia to launch a Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative called 2X Africa, as reported by NBC News, Ivanka Trump revisited designer Emilia Wickstead while meeting with the country's president, Sahle-Work Zewde. She opted for a bold, floral-printed dress that featured a high neckline, a collar, button detailing, and long sleeves. The dress was worth $1,655. Called the Jaz Shirt Dress, it is described as having "loose bell sleeves with ruffle trim that mirror the swinging movement of the full skirt." Made out of 100 percent linen, it was Ivanka's choice for the diplomatic occasion. She finished the look with a pair of white pumps and, of course, her sleek long hair parted down the middle. 


Writing about her work on her Instagram account, Ivanka said that the trip left her looking forward to a continued partnership in the country. "I reflect on the many impressive Ethiopian and African Union leaders and entrepreneurs that are proactively seeking to advance women's economic empowerment," she wrote on Instagram of her time abroad.