Trump's Rough Voice During His Latest Speech Has People Talking

Several days after the first presidential debate-slash-debacle, Donald Trump shocked the world by announcing that he'd been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. He was promptly whisked away to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he was treated by some of the nation's top docs, but he was back in front of the cameras almost immediately claiming he felt just swell despite his diagnosis. After his possibly ill-advised joy ride less than two days after being admitted to the hospital, was anyone really too surprised by his decision to check out on day three of his stay?

After returning to the White House, POTUS might have done well to stay put while he recovered from his serious illness, but instead he chose to double down on campaign appearances and rallies (although he took a pass on a virtual debate with Joe Biden). In a rally held by a mask-free Trump on October 12 in what he called his "home state" of Florida (via YouTube), he not only swore up and down he was COVID-free but offered to prove it by promising the entire audience, "I'll just give ya a big fat kiss." (No reports of any takers, to the CDC's great relief.) Still, there have been signs that all is not well with the president, at least if his voice is any indicator.

Trump still sounds sick

On October 8 (just 3 days after leaving the hospital), Trump gave an interview to Sean Hannity during which he could be heard coughing and, as Vox journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted, "Trump's voice is extremely hoarse and at one point gave out." His voice also sounded strained during his supposedly live (but really taped) Fox News health check that same day.

TMZ reports that Trump just keeps on going and going, like a very ill Energizer bunny. After the Florida rally, he held another one in battleground state Pennsylvania (via Ballotpedia), and on October 14 he addressed the New York Economic Club at The White House with a speech punctuated by repeated throat-clearings and a voice that just grew hoarser and hoarser. According to medical professionals, it is quite possible that his illness, rather than being completely cured, could in fact take a turn for the worse once he's no longer being treated with symptom-masking steroids.

While the president's actual condition at present remains a matter of speculation, it seems that he – and the rest of us, since he is still the head of our nation –- may well have some cause for concern regarding his health. We can only hope that he will take proper care of himself at what is still a very dangerous stage in his recovery.