The Truth About Princess Beatrice's Relationship With The Queen

The bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter is a special one: A grandma can advise and share in a way a mother can't — and (yes!) even do a little spoiling every now and then. In the British royal family, this bond is especially apparent between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Beatrice. It's also impressive in light of the fact that Beatrice and her sister, Princess Eugenie, are the daughters of a notoriously uncoupled royal marriage: Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. The Queen could have opted to keep at arm's length from that side of her family; yet, quite the contrary, she maintained a warm and loving relationship with her older granddaughters that continues to this day (via cafemom). 

Though there's no denying that Her Majesty is a doting grandmum (and great-grandmum, per Insider) to all the royal children, she seems especially connected to Beatrice — and the feeling is definitely mutual. As she told Hello!"I have two role models, my mother and my grandmother....I am very lucky that I happen to be related to these two incredible women."

The Queen was a special part of Beatrice's wedding

In addition wishing her granddaughter a happy birthday on the royals' official Instagram page and attending special events together, such as Christmas morning church services, Elizabeth II went out of her way to make sure that Beatrice's wedding day to Mapelli Mozzi was as special as possible.

The Princess's special day, originally scheduled for this past May at St. James's Palace with a blowout reception at Buckingham Palace, had to be postponed because of the national COVID-19 lockdown (per Daily Mail). When the ban on public events was lifted in July, Beatrice hurried to put together a more intimate affair, choosing as her venue a chapel in Windsor where the Queen and Prince Philip had been spending the lockdown (per The Evening Standard), so that her 94-year-old grandmother would be a part of the day before she left for her summer home in Balmoral.

But that's not even the most touching part: According to People, the princess made a last-minute decision to ditch her chosen wedding gown in favor of a made-to-order dress of the Queen's. Royal dressmakers altered it in just a few weeks' time. Traditionally, the Queen loans out tiaras from her own impressive collection to all brides in the royal family; for Beatrice, she selected the most special one of all: the one she wore at her own wedding to Prince Philip. 

Sounds like this royal grandmother-granddaughter pair are blessed to have each other in their lives.