This Is How Long The Rose Ceremonies On The Bachelor Take

There's really nothing like a bit of TV drama, is there? There's something truly addicting about sitting down in front of your TV and catching up with your favorite reality stars, all of whom are probably making questionable decisions. The Bachelor and its subsequent spin off series have been running for over 30 seasons — so it is certainly no stranger to drama (via Insider). But what is especially interesting about this show is that the drama extends past when the contestants are on-camera. Indeed, it's notorious for being a little sus even when the cameras are off.


One of the most iconic Bachelor moments has always been the rose ceremony, in which contestants are either chosen to continue further on the show, symbolized through accepting a rose from the lead. But as it turns out, in real life, the rose ceremonies are a lot more exhausting than most fans imagine.

The rose ceremonies can take hours upon hours

While the rose ceremonies might seem quick for us, they can actually last for many hour — sometimes even going into the wee hours of the morning. One previous contestant claimed she could even hear roosters crowing while champagne glasses were clinking (via Charlotte Agenda). Bachelor favorite Sean Lowe told Glamour, "It is absolutely exhausting. On TV, what you see is I hand out a rose, the girl comes forward and accepts it, and then I hand out another rose. In reality, there's about three to five minutes in between each rose because all 15 cameras have to reposition. That first night lasts until about 7 A.M., and then each one after that lasts until about 3 or 4." 


Interestingly, Lowe also confessed to Bustle that it's not always only up to the Bachelor/ette in which order contestants will receive a rose. According to Lowe, "the show likes to put the most obvious choices first so that drama builds towards the end of the ceremony with the rest of the women who are unsure of their status." 

It can be difficult for the Bachelor to remember so many names

In addition to camera adjustments, the Bachelor/ette also needs to remember the names of every single contestant. This can mean that there are often pauses in filming so that they will leave throughout the ceremony in order to remind themselves of the names he needs to say. According to Ali Fedotowsky, "I doubt many people could remember all 25 [names]. The Bachelor/ette goes into the rose ceremony room and says a few names at a time and then leaves to get the next few names" (via E! News).


And because of these extensive, time consuming rose ceremonies –– as well as the producers tendencies to encourage contestants to drink (via NY Post) –– you can imagine that by the end of the night, contestants are feeling the alcohol. The excess alcohol supplied is most likely done in order to make everyone much more talkative, emotional, and "sensitive" (via Cosmopolitan)Presumably, the alcohol also doesn't help with the name-remembering.