Cassidy Anthony

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East Hartford, CT
Mount Holyoke College, Kingston University
Film, Social Issues, Interior Design
  • Cassidy is an expert film writer due to her myriad experience with film studies. She received both a BA and MA in film studies, accompanied by an intensive film dissertation that she wrote for her MA that received high marks. In addition, she is an avid consumer of film and considers herself a competent critic.
  • Cassidy received her BA from a very liberal, progressive college in Massachusetts. While she was gaining her degree and working hard in her classes, she was simultaneously learning about gender politics, trans rights, feminism, white privilege, and many other vital social issues that turned out to be vital to her life. Therefore, she hopes to use her platform as a journalist to write about these important issues, as well as many others.
  • While Cassidy hasn't had professional experience in interior design aside from working at West Elm in London, her expertise in the topic comes from a place of being self-taught. Indeed, interior design is one of her greatest passions in life. When she's not writing, you can find her designing Pinterest boards, scanning furniture websites, or moving around the layout of her living room... again. You can find some of the her interior design related articles on House Digest.


Cassidy is a New England-based journalist and film scholar. She has written for a variety of publications in her career, and has done so while residing in the US, France, and England. While she often obsesses over entertainment, lifestyle, and celebrity content, some of her largest passions include social issues, feminism, race relations, and politics. She is also wildly passionate about interior design, which is reflected in her past experience working at West Elm as well as her penchant for moving around furniture.


Cassidy's years of journalism experience have made her an expert editor and writer, and therefore well-suited to handle content of any degree. Her passion for film came from her studies at Mount Holyoke College, at which she received her degree in Film Studies and French. These four years instilled within her a great passion and deep knowledge for film and TV. Furthermore, she received an MA in Magazine Journalism from Kingston University in London, England, as well as a second MA from the same university in Film Studies.
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