What You Don't Know About Safiya Nygaard's Husband Tyler Williams

If you're not familiar with Safiya Nygaard, it's possible you've been living under a rock. You know: the California based former Buzzfeed content creator turned YouTuber, co-creator of the mega-popular Ladylike, who has nearly 8 million subscribers and over a billion total views on her YouTube channel? If you're not caught up, check out her channel to see Nyagaard try everything from wearing thigh-high Uggs for a week to mixing together every Lush bath bomb.

However, it's possible you're less familiar with her husband, Tyler Williams, despite the many videos she posted documenting their engagement, wedding planning, and wedding. While Williams has been by Nygaard's side for many years of her online career, he chooses to stay a little less in the public eye than his new wife, despite their relationship as a whole being quite public. Keep reading to learn more about his professional background, his education, how the couple met, and more.

Tyler Williams has his own YouTube Channel

Williams started his own YouTube channel in December of 2016. Boasting an impressive 1.18 million subscribers, he dedicates this space on the Internet to videos he calls "Try it Yourself," in which "every episode I make something I have never made before with my hands! From a 5 course meal to a spice rack to a makeshift rig that live streams my cat, I make things that I have never made before with my hands. There will be splinters, broken eggs, and cracked floors, but there will never be broken spirits!" (via YouTube). 

His channel includes a lot of Nygaard. In these videos, the two try food, go to Disneyland, experiment with crazy trends, and more. It appears that his identity on YouTube more often surrounds his relationship with Nygaard, as opposed to her channel that shows her as more of an individual content creator.

Unfortunately, the last video he posted was in March of 2020, and he has only posted a few times over the past 4 years that he's had his channel. Fingers crossed we can see more of him on the platform moving forward!

Tyler Williams started his own business

Williams has a pretty impressive academic resume. His background is in economics and technology, and he studied at Stanford University. He met Nygaard while at Stanford, as she studied there, too. They didn't begin dating until after college, however, and it took meeting up in LA after graduation for the two to begin a relationship. Apparently the couple was constantly "friend-zoning each other" until they eventually started dating.

Williams combined his economics and tech background to start his own company. He is the CEO and founder of Nextbeat, a company that calls itself "an interactive video platform that lets you hang out with your favorite creators and your fellow fans in real time." The company is a video platform that "combines the intimacy and presence of livestreaming with the improved focus and rewatchability of tighter, more compact video." It focuses on creating a shared space where content creators and fans alike can engage in high quality real-time interactions (via CrunchBase).