Body Language Expert Reveals The Truth About Clare Crawley And Dale Moss

Bachelorette Clare Crawley is wearing a ring on her wedding finger. She's telling Instagram that "it's a promise to myself, to make sure I always had enough self-love that no matter what happened." We're one episode in and rumor has it that another ring is in the works. On August 3, 2020, US Weekly confirmed that Crawley is set to bow out of the show after just two weeks. That means that Bachelor Nation fans will be treated to two bachelorettes this season. (The drama!) Bachelor Nation, meanwhile, tells us that the "shocking moment" at the end of the first night "will change the course of this passionate, crazy journey, unlike any other in franchise history." 

We can only suppose that Bachelor Nation is talking about when Crawley declared, I "definitely feel like I just met my husband," after meeting contestant, former NFL wide receiver and indisputable hunk, Dale Moss for the first time. (Per US Weekly, she'd googled him beforehand, but do you blame her?) The List talked to life coach and relationship expert Nicole Moore, who gave us exclusive insights into whether or not we truly witnessed a first-time meeting of true soulmates during the episode. Are you ready? Things are about to get juicy.  

Clare truly believes she met her husband

It's not just hype for reality TV. "There's a ton of genuine connection there," Moore confirmed to The List. You could probably tell that already. Even the pictures of the two of them together make us sweat a little. But how serious is it? 

Moore tells The List that Clare meant it when she said she'd "met her husband." Notice her body language. "Clare looked down with her hands on her hips and took a deep breath in," Moore pointed out, "[Clare's] body language is saying: this moment feels so big to her that she just has to look down a moment, take a breath and take it all in. It's clear that [Clare] truly felt that meeting Dale was a significant and life-changing moment for her." 

Maybe it really was love at first sight. "When soulmates meet, one thing they often talk about is having a moment of recognition when they first looked into each other's eyes... you can definitely see [that Clare] had that moment," says Moore, noting the way that the bachelorette's eyes got wider and wider when she met Dale for the first time. Dale's reaction, however, is another story. Moore cautions that while they were positive, they weren't ecstatic. "This may be an indicator that [Clare's] feelings are farther ahead than [Dale's] or that she's in love with the fantasy Dale represents more so than what he can actually bring to the table," the relationship expert concluded. 

Clare Crawley is taking the lead in her relationship with Dale Moss

As Clare Crawley recently admitted on Instagram, in the past "I found myself getting into relationships where there was little to no reciprocity, and in the end, would feel depleted and empty." In other words, Clare Crawley is a woman who knows what she doesn't want.

And, per Nicole Moore, Clare seems to know exactly what she wants, as well. Remember when Dale walked back into the Bachelorette house after his and Clare's first meeting? Clare "turned her body toward the house and paced a few steps toward it," says Moore, "Her body language definitely indicated that she wanted more interaction with him." 

It's not just that. Clare took the initiative that led to the couple's first kiss. (Need a refresher? This was after she gave Dale the first impression rose.) "It was clear from [Clare's] body language that she is super smitten," Moore asserted, "when the two hugged and began to pull away, Clare put her hand to the side of Dale's head which was a clear body language indicator that she wanted a kiss. She held her hand there next to his head until he got the message." He did, of course. We all did. 

It's been touchy feely with Dale and Clare from the get-go

Wondering if you have chemistry with someone on a first date? The butterflies in your stomach when you graze your date's hand might be all the barometer you need (via Greatist). And Dale and Clare... they had plenty of opportunities to feel those. 

Moore observes that Dale and Clare's knees were touching during a one-on-one, which the relationship expert calls "a classic sign of closeness, intimacy, and flirtation on a date." In fact, with the exception of Blake (who went in for a kiss), Moore says that Clare and Dale's one-on-one was significantly more intimate than Clare's one-on-one with other contestants. "You could see from their body language that the two were definitely vibing," Moore concluded. 

Part of that might have to do with Dale's confidence during filming. "Dale simply walked up to Clare as if he was meeting a dear friend or someone he'd been dating for a while," says Moore of Dale and Clare's meet-cute. "When he hugged her and picked her up off the ground, his body language indicated comfort and familiarity. He held onto her hands firmly and shook her arms gently as he looked into her eyes, another body language gesture that's typically done when we already know someone." 

Game over? Maybe. Dale Moss's Instagram fans certainly seem to be "tearing up." But, Moore warned The List, "Time will tell whether the love between Clare and Dale is actually true."