The Surprising Trick To Fake A Bigger Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the smallest room you have and it's probably the hardest to rearrange. Who can easily move a sink, toilet, and shower? But it doesn't have to feel cramped. Fake it and make your bathroom seem bigger with the tone-on-tone decorative technique (via PureWow).

Okay, so what is the tone-on-tone technique? "Tone on tone coloring or layering, is a decorative technique that takes a single or a few colors and uses different saturation of that color(s) throughout the space," MY MOVE says. Using the slight variations of tone can give your space a more open feel and give it a professional touch. "Limiting the color palette in your living space is definitely a designer move," according to Jennifer Rose Smith of Camille Styles.

Working with what you already have, which may likely be a white sink and toilet, you may have a lot of white already in your bathroom. And using white paint does make a space seem airier and larger (via The Seeker).

Creating harmony with textures in your bathroom

While too much plain white could seem industrial and boring, it doesn't have to be. To really amp things up with the tone-on-tone, think about playing with textures while still limiting the range of your color palette. You can go ahead and use white tones, but "using different textural elements such as molding, pale stone or tile and fabric accents, as well as the occasional touch of metallics or wood, will retain the seamless look while still giving the eye lots of richness to take in," designer Yanic Simard explains in Forbes.

And if white isn't your starting point, choose the feature in the bathroom that has the color you'd like to focus on. Then go lighter or darker by just a few shades as you change things up. Your bathroom will seem bigger, and, bonus, it will look cohesive. "By using the same color throughout the room, you'll be creating both a sense of depth and harmony," according to Desenio. So what may be the smallest room in the house doesn't have to feel that way.