The Untold Truth Of Sofia Carson

You may know Sofia Carson from her start on the Disney channel show Austin & Ally, where she played the character Chelsea back in 2014. This TV series really kickstarted the more visible portion of her show business career. Since then, Carson has gone on to star in plenty of other shows and movies, including The Perfectionists and Descendants. She even sings and releases music. It's probably pretty safe to say that you've heard of the actress and singer at least once or twice before.

However, you may not know some of the more intriguing facts about the young star. For instance, her family ties are rather interesting, and Carson is also no stranger to making it through some difficult moments. Perhaps she draws on these details to help her acting career? Regardless, there are some fascinating and even quite relatable facts about Sofia Carson's life that you will want to know.

Sofia Carson is not her real name

You read that right: Sofia Carson is not actually her real name. Carson was born on April 10, 1993, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., according to Only she wasn't named Sofia Carson. Rather, she was christened Sofía Daccarett Char when she came in to the world. While it does have a certain ring to it, it does seem a little more difficult to pronounce properly and it makes sense that she changed it, presumably, for her entertainment career.

This leaves us wondering where Carson came up with her name? Was it a name she always admired, or was there a stronger connection to it? Well, The Lansing State Journal reported that her mother's maiden name is Carson. It's a little charming that she chose to adopt a family name, isn't it? 

Interestingly enough, Carson's mother has family ties to a few famous politicians and business people in Colombia, making Carson related to some relatively famous family members in Colombia.

One of Sofia Carson's co-stars is her real-life BFF

When Sofia Carson played the role of Evie in the Disney Channel movie trilogy Descendants, she came away with much more than just another acting credit under her belt. She also walked away with a new BFF. As it turns out, Carson became real-life friends with Dove Cameron, one of her co-stars in the Descendants movies. Cameron played Mal in the movie, and her character was friends with Carson's character.

How fitting then that the two women developed a lasting friendship that began while filming the movie and continued even after production wrapped up. According to Cameron's 2019 interview with Teen Vogue, the two got to know each other over years of starring in the Descendants movies. In one of Carson's Instagram posts, it's clear the two are rather close. Carson's caption read, "Happy Birthday to the Mal to my Evie, the Purple to my Blue," continuing, "Wishing you all the love, laughter, and happiness in the world... Love you." 

What a touching friendship tribute!

Sofia Carson looked up to these celebrities when she was young

Nearly every young girl looks up to celebrities when she's young, and Sofia Carson was no exception to this. In an interview with Coveteur, Carson said, "I grew up idolizing women like Cher, [Barbra] Streisand, even Jennifer Lopez, who didn't have to choose." Carson went on to state that the women she admired when she was growing up had amazing jobs in both the music and film worlds, both of which Carson adores. 

She stated in an another interview with Coveteur, "Cher's a big idol of mine. I would watch her concerts as a little girl and wanted to have a wig for every day, depending on my mood, just like Cher."

Is it any wonder that Carson's IMDb page already has quite the extensive list of music and film credits behind her name? With powerful idols and role models, such as J.Lo and Cher, it isn't too surprising that Carson is working her way to major stardom.

Sofia Carson was a bookworm

Even though Sofia Carson is a music and film star today, that doesn't mean she was always glamorous and in the spotlight. As a matter of fact, she told Coveteur that she "was always studying, always reading a book" when she was a child. Yes, the starlet actually started out as a bit of a bookworm! Describing her younger self compared to the other students at her girls-only school, Carson said she was more unfashionable back then. She even shared that some people at her school were more than a little surprised when they heard that she planned to try to break into the music industry in Los Angeles.

It seems Carson may have gone through a bit of a transformation from childhood into young adulthood. Most people do change as they grow into an adult, so this little-known fact about Carson just makes her even more relatable.

These are Sofia Carson's ultimate style icons

Sofia Carson herself admitted in a Coveteur interview that she had a much different style than the girls at her school. But that doesn't mean that she didn't have a style icon or two whom she admired. In fact, as she was growing up, Carson "always loved timeless, classic, feminine fashion, like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O." Both of these women are renowned for their own iconic styles: Hepburn is perhaps most well-known for her little black dress in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, while Jackie Kennedy Onassis is beloved for her sense of style as a former first lady.

Carson may have started out a bit less fashionable than she is now, but it's easy to see that has since changed. She certainly has developed her own sense of fashion, wearing anything from pastel purple dresses to more vibrant styles with pops of hot pink (via Teen Vogue). Whether she's in more muted tones or something bolder and more daring, her red carpet looks often incorporate some of the more feminine styles that her icons were known for wearing.

This is Sofia Carson's celebrity crush

Growing up, most people generally kept their crushes a secret, perhaps only telling their very best friends who were trustworthy enough to keep these things confidential. So it's refreshing then that Sofia Carson informed the world who her celebrity crush is in an interview. Not only that, but Carson kept it real and admitted that meeting him just might get a little weird, should it happen one day. She confided to Coveteur that she has a bit of a thing for actor Andrew Garfield, saying, "So if I meet him, I'm definitely going to tell him that and break the ice that way. We'll see how he reacts. It's going to be so awkward it's going to be amazing."

We hope that Carson has some success meeting Garfield and informing him of the fact that she has a crush on him. And, of course, it would be great if she would dish on every single detail, including whether or not it was as awkward as she expected!

This moment had a huge impact on Sofia Carson's life

At the beginning of 2020, Sofia Carson gave an interview to Teen Vogue about her ambassadorship with UNICEF. It turns out that UNICEF earned Carson's respect when she was quite young, so it is rather perfect that, as an adult, she serves as one of their ambassadors. UNICEF's mission statement, "for every child," is short and sweet. Yet the work they do jives with Carson's desire to help children in need.

Credit goes, in part, to her mother for the work Carson does with the organization. As a child who visited Colombia fairly often, Carson and her sister were brought by their mother to an organization that assisted abused women and girls. There Carson was introduced to a girl only one year younger than her, but a world apart in life situations. The girl, only 11 at the time, had a child by her stepfather. Meeting this similarly aged girl really made an impact on Carson, who told Teen Vogue, "We realized that no matter what we did for the rest of our lives, we have a duty to this girl, and to the world, to give."

Sofia Carson was bullied as a child

It comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that Sofia Carson wasn't exactly a social butterfly as a child, surrounded by dozens of admirers and friends. The opposite was actually the case, according to an interview with Teen Vogue. Carson revealed that she was bullied when she was a child. She stated that she just "never really fit in" and "was always kind of a nerd" as a youth. Her situation now is worlds apart from her childhood experience. After all, today she is a gorgeous music and film star!

Though her journey from bullied child to famous young woman couldn't have been easy, her story just might offer up a bit of hope to the 20 percent of students between ages 12 and 18 in the United States that have been bullied, according to Just look where life has taken her!

Sofia Carson knew she wanted to be in the spotlight since she was 3

It seems rather rare that anyone grows up to be exactly what they hoped to be when they were a child. Dreaming of future careers as a kid brings with it nearly limitless possibilities. However, in reality, becoming an astronaut or a ballerina is actually quite difficult. Yet Sofia Carson knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life since the tender age of 3.

According to the Miami Herald, the toddler version of Carson absolutely adored music. She especially relished the wonderful music of beloved Disney classics, such as Beauty and the Beast. It was this very movie that 3-year-old Carson found herself dancing and singing along to, complete with a pint-sized version of Belle's famous yellow dress. "I couldn't picture myself doing anything else," she told the Miami Herald

It certainly didn't take Carson long to make her childhood dreams come true, since she starred in an episode of Disney series Austin & Ally in 2014, when she was around 21.

Sofia Carson's connection to Michael Jackson and other music icons

Sofia Carson's illustrious career encompasses her love of singing and acting. But everyone starts out as a beginner, no matter what industry or profession they choose for themselves. According to the Miami Herald, Carson has been taking vocal lessons ever since she was a child living in Miami, and she hasn't really stopped since.

One of her vocal teachers, Rachel Riggs, even has a few famous connections. More specifically, her father, Seth Riggs, worked with some pretty well-known singers, such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Seth Riggs and his wife's own website also lists several other mega celebrity names, including Barbra Streisand. Streisand is, no doubt, a legendary singer, and she is also someone whom Carson mentioned looking up to as a girl in her talk with Coveteur. Perhaps Carson had the chance to meet her idol through her vocal teacher. It really is a small world at times, isn't it?

This is what Sofia Carson does in her down time

It's hard to picture the life of a celebrity sometimes. More often than not, images come to mind of popped champagne bottles, glitzy clothing, dancing, and parties galore. While these images are no doubt part and parcel to the life of a celebrity, they aren't necessarily how all famous people would choose to spend their free time. 

Sofia Carson is someone who would rather keep things simple when she has some down time, according to an interview Carson did with ABC News. Her ideal version of a day off would likely include hanging out with her younger sister, Paulina. Talking about herself, Carson said that she's just "not that exciting," but she's okay with that. She actually thinks of that as a good thing. She noted, "I don't really do exciting things. I think that's the nice thing, whenever you have down time."

Ultimately, you likely won't find Carson clubbing at a local hotspot on her day off anytime soon. You'd be much more likely to run into her at the local movie theater.

Sofia Carson dreams of collaborating with these artists

Now that Sofia Carson has achieved her childhood dream of being a singer and actress, what comes next? It's pretty hard to beat releasing music and starring in popular shows and movies. But that hasn't stopped the young star from dreaming of even bigger and better things. In 2017, Carson told People about her next big dream, which involves Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars. She said, "They are both such incredible storytellers and performers."

A post on Sheeran's official Facebook page stated that, as of December 2019, he was taking a break for a time, so Carson's dream of collaborating with him may have to wait just a little while longer. Mars, however, celebrated the ten-year anniversary of his album Doo-Wops & Hooligans in 2020, so maybe Carson would have more luck on broaching a musical collaboration with him?

Regardless of her next move, Carson is sure to continue climbing in her career and charming us all as she goes.