Ashley Biden: The Truth About Joe Biden's Daughter

Ashley Biden, Joe Biden's youngest child, is no stranger to being in the public eye. Born in 1981, Biden spent a great deal of time at her father's side when he hit the campaign trail in his days as a U.S. senator. She watched her father go on to become vice president under President Barack Obama, and later, the Democratic nominee for president.

Biden was truly inspired by her father. "I was always a mediator, and couldn't stand someone getting made fun of or being bullied as a young girl," she told Delaware Today. "My dad always taught me that silence is complicity, and that I must stand up for anyone who was being treated unfairly. That has stayed with me through adulthood, and is the guiding principle in my professional life." She also noted, " ... the thing that always stuck out to me was how Dad treated all people, no matter of their circumstances, the same. He would treat the CEO of DuPont the same way he would treat a custodial worker at a hotel."

Biden went on to become a social worker and the executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice which, per its website, "is the leading non-profit organization in Delaware committed to transforming the quality of justice through advocacy, policy, and practice." Biden left the organization in 2019, (per Delaware Online) but that doesn't mean she doesn't keep busy.

Ashley Biden has her own fashion line

After the tragic death of her brother, Beau Biden, Biden started a fashion line called Livelihood. As she told Delaware Today, Livelihood was launched not only as a way to give back to the community but as "a way to distract" herself as she grieved the loss of her brother. And in an interview with The Lily, she explained that "we have to sometimes be pulled all the way down to shoot forward. He was my bow. His cancer brought me to my knees. I had no choice but to shoot forward, keep going, keep aiming at my own dreams."

She re-launched the brand after leaving the Delaware Center for Justice. "I have dedicated my time and energy to overseeing criminal justice programming and policy reform at the Delaware Center for Justice. My focus today is on the pursuit of my dream for community impact through innovative philanthropy, community reinvestment, and community empowerment via fashion," she wrote on Livelihood's website.

The brand is described on its website as "a socially + ethically conscious, weekend-wear apparel company that is inspired by and gives back to extraordinary, everyday people. Livelihood creatively supports and encourages communities across the Nation to remain connected, collaborative, and courageous, both in fashion and in life." Part of the proceeds from Livelihood are "deposited on a quarterly basis into a community foundation."

Ashley Biden is close to her family

The Biden family is a close one, and Biden grew up especially close to her two brothers, Beau and Hunter Biden. "From the minute she was born her brothers looked after her," her mother, Jill Biden, told Delaware Today. "And, she always looked up to them. Wherever they went, she wanted to go, and they took her." Her father told the outlet that "there's no one you're closer to than your siblings, adding that "in Ashley's case, this was especially true."

And her bond with her mother is no less strong, with the Biden matriarch impressing upon her daughter the importance of trusting herself. "I have always considered myself to possess a sixth sense, and my mother always told me to tap into my gut, my intuition," Biden said.

It's no surprise, then, that Biden's family loyalty and admiration of her father would lead to her endorsing him for president. "When I say I'm ready for a Biden presidency, it's not just because I think my dad is the best person," she said at a Wisconsin Women for Biden event in August (via WisPolitics). "With my dad as president, he will help us solve some of the great challenges of our generation. He will help our public schools become more equal and equitable, so we can deliver on the promise of opportunity for all. He will make childcare more affordable and create good-paying union jobs. He will tackle the climate crisis, protecting our land and seas, advancing policies that value our environment and grow our clean energy economy. And he has the empathy and fortitude to help us address the racial and economic disparities that undermine all communities."