How Connie Chung Really Feels About Donald Trump

How does Connie Chung really feel about Donald Trump? Ahead of the presidential debate on October 22, 2020, Connie Chung broke Twitter, telling CNN reporter Brianna Keilar that Donald Trump "needs to improve his vocabulary, I'm sorry to say, because it's very limited." To that, the collective Twitterverse replied, "We need more #ConnieChung on our TVs." 

The decorated journalist hasn't been shy about her feelings towards the sitting US President. Earlier in 2020, Chung announced her support for the Biden-Harris ticket, telling her online audience that she can't just sit back on the sidelines this year. "It's really hard for me to say this, but our president lies about every issue that's important to us, to women," she explained. "He lies about coronavirus, he lies about climate change, and most importantly he lies about what he's going to do about care" (via MSN). 

Chung has the experience to back her opinions. In 1990, Chung interviewed Trump for her CBS news program, Face to Face With Connie Chung (via Mother Jones). The fallout would lead the Intelligencer to observe, "Before Megyn Kelly, Connie Chung was the female anchor Trump hated most."

The fallout after Chung's 1990 Interview with Trump

Former Fox & Friends journalist, Gretchen Carlson, who was watching Chung's interview with Keilar, took to Twitter in its aftermath. "Amazing interview," she wrote, pointing to the fact that Chung had brought up her "interview with Pres. Trump long before he was President" — which showed "the same treatment towards a woman as he does now." Carlson is, herself, no stranger to a Trump backlash. After Carlson filed a lawsuit against Fox's Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, Trump suggested she should have found "another career" (via Daily Beast). 

In hindsight, Trump's comments bear an eerie resemblance to his reaction to his 1990 interview with Chung. At that time, Chung told viewers that they were watching her interview with Trump "just hours, we believe, before he told his wife, Ivana, that their marriage was over." She made headlines for mocking the then-real estate mogul, suggesting his buildings "aren't that great," and questioning why he donated so little to charities (via Mother Jones and Intelligencer). 

Years later, still sour, Trump went on the attack, telling the Joan Rivers Show, "This woman has less talent than anybody I know of," and "Connie Chung ... was like a little child." He didn't stop there, either. "She sent me roses afterward," Trump claimed, gloating "I cut 'em up and sent 'em back." Chung bit back in response to Trump's comments, as she reportedly told the Toronto Star that she was "still waiting" for the stems.