Mitch McConnell Breaks His Silence After His Bruised Hands Go Viral

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may be speaking to reporters, but if you thought we might be getting answers about his health — specifically why parts of his body, like his hands and parts of his face appear discolored or badly bruised — we suggest you don't hold your breath. When a reporter asked whether "there [was] anything going on we should know about?" McConnell only said "no concerns." When asked whether he had health issues, McConnell replied, "Of course not." He didn't respond when he was asked whether he was being treated by a doctor. Even his aides were cagey when reporters on Capitol Hill asked about McConnell's health (via CNN).

His denial hasn't really helped people rally to his cause, nor has it generated much sympathy. Since news agencies first began releasing photos of his bruised and band-aided hands, social media has been asking legitimate questions about his health, and as his non-answers continue, the questions have gotten even louder. As one prominent social media activist pointed out: "Whatever happened to McConnell, happened recently. In photos on 10/15, his hands look normal. On 10/20 he tried to hide his hands in his pockets for most photos, and the photos that show his hands show bandages on both and deep bruising of some kind."

Social media chatter surrounding Mitch McConnell is only getting louder

In the vacuum created by a lack of explanations, social media has also been left to continue speculating on the reasons behind the bruising and the band-aids. One commented: "Looks like a fall to me. I say that as a 68-year-old woman who has entered that world of falling. It changes your life. To be blunt, @AmyMcGrathKY needs to pursue this issue with compassion but make it an issue, nonetheless. Why isn't there a leak?" 

A number of healthcare workers even tried to explain the bruising, with one saying: "As a nurse of over 30 years he definitely is on anticoagulants and it looks like he fell." Another commented: "My guess – he is on blood thinners, he appears to have remnants of polio, which resulted in a fall. He has contusions on upper lip and chin and quite possibly hands are bruised due to trying to break the fall – it would be interesting to see his knees."

But the reason for the curiosity is clear. As one voter put it (very bluntly, we might add): "Seems that he should disclose medical issues so voters can decide if he can last another term in office. He is older than dirt and now with this crazy bruising all over his face and hands he may have one foot in the grave."