Fans Think They've Figured Out What This Moment In Harry Styles' Golden Really Means

Harry Styles dropped the overly anticipated music video for his new single "Golden" on Monday and we are still recovering. Its lyrics center around the fears that come with being in a new relationship. Styles' soulful voice, coupled with the heartfelt message and gorgeous scenery has us watching "Golden" on repeat. The video was shot along the Amalfi Coast in Italy and has us pretending we're running along the water right with him (via Rolling Stone). But the meaningful lyrics and serious travel FOMO aren't the only things that caught fans' attention.


At the end of the music video, Styles runs into a car and then lounges across the bumper. While it's hard to see exactly who is inside, we do see someone waving at Styles enthusiastically. Three questions immediately popped up for us after this scene: Who is in the car? How did he manage to make falling onto the car look so smooth? Will we ever find someone who looks at us the way that Styles gazes lovingly at the person behind the windshield?

Eagle-eyed fans immediately put their imaginary thinking caps on and cleaned their magnifying glasses to get to the bottom of this. Here is the top fan theory about what the ending of the "Golden" music video really means.

Is the Golden ending a nod to his fans? Fans seem to think so

After the "Golden" music video dropped, many fans turned to social media to share their guesses on the identity of the mystery person in the car that Styles stares at with a smile. In a Reddit thread dedicated to solving this mystery, one user suggested that this moment could symbolize Styles appreciation for his fans. "...I feel like it maybe signifies his fans and the love he has for them because the person in the car is very excited and waves, and he looks lovingly and appreciatively at the person," they explained.


This sentiment was echoed on Twitter, with fans agreeing that this unexpectedly cute ending is pretty much a love note to old and new Harries/Stylers. This idea doesn't seem farfetched at all considering Styles is known for being sweet to his fans and giving back. There are so many encounters that document Styles treating his fans kindly. In 2017, when promoting his first album, Styles stopped his set to help a fan who was having a panic attack (via MTV News). He's generally had sweet interactions with fans, according to Seventeen, which makes us believe there's some truth to this fan theory even more.