Here's Why Baby Powder Should Be In Your Beauty Kit

While shelling out hundreds of dollars for beauty products may be up your alley, it's not completely necessary all the time. Case-in-point: baby powder. Whether it's for your face, hair, or body, baby powder packs a surprisingly multi-faceted punch.

In the early days before dry shampoo really took off, many learned about the volumizing effects of baby powder when tossed in unwashed hair. According to Glamour, adding the powder to your roots helps to "[soak] up excess oil" — just make sure to comb it through to "blend it in." Plus, it even helps with painful beauty procedures such as waxing. Since baby powder's moisture-wicking properties make it so viable for beauty practices, this extends to its ability to help wax cling to "individual hairs," meaning that you'll need "fewer rounds" of pulling during your treatment. 

Because it absorbs moisture, baby powder also offers odor-neutralizing benefits. You can sprinkle some in your shoes to help offset lingering smells, as noted by Brit+Co, or even place it on your underarms to help reduce any stench.

Baby powder can do wonders for your makeup routine

As a thickening agent, baby powder may just give you the full lashes you've always dreamed of. Simply apply your first coat of mascara, then take a cotton swab dabbed in baby powder and lightly add it to your lashes. Finish with another coat of mascara and enjoy your new lengthened look (via Glamour).

Once you've nailed the perfect lash line, add baby powder to your skin for a makeup ready pallet. Especially on your eyebrows and lips, adding the powder makes a perfect primer that helps your makeup stay put throughout your day, as explained by Brit+Co. Adding plumpness to both lips and brows, baby powder will give you an excellent base for your next look. If you're looking for a setting agent for your makeup, baby powder works for that, as well — just make sure to rub it in fully.

It's important to note, however, that some baby powders contain talc, which is linked to asbestos contamination and some forms of cancers, according to Healthline. The research is spotty, but looking for a baby powder that doesn't contain talc might be worth your while.