Hilaria Baldwin Has The Perfect Response To Critics Of Her Postpartum Underwear Photo

Anyone who follows Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram knows she has been posting pregnancy and postpartum underwear photos for years. Given that fact, obviously Alec Baldwin's wife is no stranger to online criticism. But a new video she shared of herself just weeks after giving birth to the couple's fifth child drew the ire of some commenters, and triggered the yoga instructor to defend her choice to don panties in the clip.

Baldwin captioned the seemingly-innocent post: "The most important part of this video isn't the whole how recently I had a baby thing and whether you think I'm too this or that ... it's not about my underwear, and it's not about my skin, or the fact that I'm exhausted and have no interest in makeup. It's about the fact that I lay on my back while my friend shoved my belly piercing back in while I clenched my teeth. So 90s? Yup ... and I'm 36, 5 kids, and still keeping it" (via Today).

A few followers took away another message, and weren't afraid to share their thoughts.

Hilaria Baldwin wasn't afraid to stand up for herself in the face of criticism

Many fans praised Baldwin for the video, with one commenting, "You are brave!!! You do look great though but I'm not surprised since you do the work it takes to look great!!!" But another follower couldn't help but ask, "Why take the photo in your underwear then?"

Of course, the always honest celebrity mama could have let the comment go, but instead, she took the opportunity to defend her apparel choice, responding, "Because I have an almost 7 week old and I'm too tired to put my pants on right now." She wasn't done, however. Baldwin went on to share an important message about women's bodies, no matter what they look like, after another commenter said she was "showing off," not showing "empathy" for women who don't look like her, and not being "inclusive."

"Having empathy does not mean not being oneself," the mom of five countered, adding, "I'm one of the biggest cheerleaders for body positivity and love. One thing you MUST know is that it comes in ALL different shapes and sizes, MINE INCLUDED. I don't judge anyone's body. Would you applaud me in this post if I looked different? Think on that. Should I hide because of my body? I don't do anything wrong to be ashamed of my figure."

Well said, mama!