What Happened To Brittani Fulfer From My 600-Lb Life?

My 600-lb Life has an irresistible hook; the long-running TLC show offers viewers an intimate insight into some of the most compelling, devastating, and difficult weight loss journeys. Each episode follows a subject who is at the end of their rope and decides to visit miracle worker Dr. Younan Nowzaradan aka Dr. Now, who promises to revamp their unhealthy lifestyles to change them for the better — and hopefully forever. Although some My 600-lb Life stories don't have happy endings, watching the show is a mostly uplifting experience.

In the case of Brittani Fulfer, her story was one of the most heartbreaking. Beginning her weight loss journey at a staggering 605.5 pounds, Fulfer divulged how she'd been sexually abused as a child, which ultimately led to her lifelong issues with food. She memorably described the very idea of living in her body as causing her intense pain and sadness, admitting it hurt to even look in the mirror. With the help of Dr. Now and a strict diet, Fulfer lost an incredible 240 pounds, dropping an additional 93 in a follow-up episode, putting her weight at 272 lbs. (per The Cinemaholic).  

Brittani Fulfer continues to stay happy and healthy

Ever since her appearance on My 600-lb Life, Brittani Fulfer has focused on getting healthy and staying on the right track. As The Cinemaholic notes, she and her husband even considered having a baby, which is something that would've been inconceivable just a few years prior. They are, however, proud aunt and uncle to a young nephew, which Fulfer revealed in a sweet Facebook selfie of the pair. In another Facebook post, featuring a shot of her lounging on the beach, Fulfer's incredible weight loss is evident but she mostly uses the social media platform to advise others not to give up. These days, she spends plenty of time outdoors, staying active, and is smiling broadly in virtually every photo. 

The My 600-lb Life star has been impressively open about her struggles with depression, and she continues to encourage fans to speak up and ask for help when they need it. Fulfer remains focused on living well first and foremost. In a post from September 2018, she noted, "3 years ago I weighed 600 lbs. Now I am stronger, healthier, and more alive than I thought was ever possible! Am I skinny? Nope! Am I okay with that? Yep! My goal is to be healthy not skinny! Remember to love yourself today! Be blessed!"