Here's Who Alexis From Schitt's Creek Is Married To In Real Life

Alexis Claire Rose might be the bratty princess of Schitt's Creek, but actress Annie Murphy leads a life far more artsy than aristocrat. Murphy married Canadian musician Menno Versteeg in 2011, and the couple are still going strong (via PopSugar). Just think adorable, artsy, indie, and entertaining, and you'll start to get an idea of the couple's fun and quirky relationship. But there's so much more info to dive into as we get to know Versteeg himself.

Versteeg descends from a family of rebels. Previously working as a singer and musician for Canadian indie-punk band Hollerado, he used music to tell the story of his grandfather (via Jewish Journal). A documentary song is a unique idea in and of itself, but this one tells a story of the Dutch resistance member Karel Versteeg, who was captured in 1942 but later freed by a sympathetic Nazi solider. Described in the song, "So It Goes," after two years of solitary confinement, the solider let the elder Versteeg go, saying to him that if their places were exchanged, "...I would fight back."

Menno Versteeg's indie art is sure to entertain

This theme of independence carries throughout Versteeg's work from his band's performances at 2012's JunoFest sandwiched between defiant acts like F****d Up and Pregnancy Scares (via Ottawa Citizen). He can hang with a hardcore punk scene that would have the character Alexis shrinking away in horror, but still knows how to add lighthearted entertainment as with his new group Mav Karlo's Strangers Like Us, featuring a flowered CD and described as having warm vocals, delicate melodies, and lyrical storytelling (via Royal Mountain Records).

You can catch a glimpse of his playful humor as he thanks participants in a recent video of his. "...Also the old guy Daredevil, we hired based entirely on the fact that his name is Jim Carey, but turns out he was as good or better than the other actor who stole his name and was not even a diva at all so thanks Jim!!" Versteeg wrote (via Instagram).

But if you think for a second this rockstar life risks holding his Emmy winning spouse back, just think again. Sharing a defiant pic of wife Annie Murphy in September, these rebels seem to be a perfect match. "I know how public speaking always made you nervous. And I know how hard you work. And tonight you accepted a crazy award you never expected in your wildest dreams. And tonight you spoke to America from your heart, with humility, honesty and love. Here's a pic of the other thing your Emmy winning speech was also saying. Keep going," he captioned the snap of Murphy flipping the bird while holding an anti-Trump sign (via Instagram).