Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Home Feel Warmer This Winter

Feng shui might as well be the ultimate mindfulness tool because it helps us become more aware of our surroundings and the way that they affect our sense of well-being. As we move into the winter, making your home warm and inviting can offer a welcome relief from frigid temperatures. By definition, feng shui aims to balance the natural world with our homes to create a greater sense of harmony, as explained by My Domaine.

Perhaps the cornerstone of feng shui, a clutter-free home allows energy to flow more freely, and thus, helps you feel more connected to yourself and the other people in your home. Laura Benko, a professor and feng shui expert explains to the outlet that clutter poses "an energetic anchor that impedes the best things from unfolding in our lives," she says. Excess and random items can contribute to brain fog along with emotional fatigue as it symbolizes the baggage that we carry. Keeping your home clear and bright, your spirits can feel the same way throughout the cold weather. 

Another idea involves maximizing the natural light in your home to incorporate more heat. A classic way to utilize more light in your space comes from adding aptly-placed mirrors throughout your home, as My Domaine notes. Hang your mirrors in strategic places to make the most of your natural light as well as amplify various items in your home. You want to reflect more beauty rather than things like keys, bills or clutter.

Bring the natural world into your home

If you can't see green outside, bring it inside! Feng shui incorporates nature at every turn that it can, making your home a natural reflection of the outside world. According to Everyday Health, feng translates to wind and shui to water, reflecting the practice's ability to bring more natural elements into our living spaces. Add a leafy green plant to your home to bring in good chi (energy) and a more inviting feel to any room that could use it. Plus, using earthy tones and warm colors can help to invoke more of the fire element in your space.

Feeling stagnant in the winter is certainly not a new phenomenon either. If that's the case, try reimagining areas of your home to bring in warm, expansive energy. Move photos, vases, books and even furniture to revamp your home's look and you'll quickly find that it has an impact on your home's feel as well. Subtle shifts can move decor and other items that may have been blocking the free flow of energy throughout your space.

Your home is meant to be your sanctuary and you have every right to make it feel warm throughout the year. Try a few feng shui principles to make your space feel every bit the home you have imagined — no matter the temperature outside.