Celebrity Couples Who Slept In Separate Beds

What celebrity couples have slept in separate beds? We all know that celebs can sometimes be a little, well, odd when it comes to their habits. Additionally, one of the latest odd trends in the celebrity world is the "solo sleeping" trend. That's right: more and more A-listers are choosing to sleep in their very own bed, even when they're in a long-term relationship.

Whether you think sleeping in separate beds is a telltale sign of a failing relationship or a total luxury, some studies have shown that it can actually be a pretty healthy set-up. For example, one study in Chronobiology International showed that, while co-sleeping with a partner can intensify feelings of attachment and love, it can also negatively impact sleep quality — and that can cause issues in the relationship. And according to the National Sleep Foundation, almost one in four couples were sleeping solo as of 2005 (via The New York Times).

Even though solo sleeping may actually be a smart choice for some folks, it's still pretty juicy to learn which famous pairs have their own beds. So without further ado, here are some of the most famous celebrity couples who slept in separate beds.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonhan Carter preferred to sleep in separate beds

One of the most famous celebrity couples who liked to sleep in separate beds every night was actress Helena Bonham Carter and her ex-partner, Tim Burton. Although the pair split up in 2014 (via Red magazine), before that they were best known for their highly stylized, bizarre work — think of their wacky collaborations like Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, and Big Fish. So, it may not come as a surprise to learn that their personal life was also pretty unusual.

As Bonham Carter revealed, she and Burton actually lived in adjoining homes in London. The celeb couple also slept in separate rooms. "Tim does snore, and that's an element," she confessed in an interview with Radio Times (via E! News). "We've tried lots of remedies that don't work. He has a deviated septum and doesn't want an operation."

It sounds like this arrangement worked well for Bonham Carter and Burton while they were together — and made it possible for her to get some shut eye during the night!

Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin need their space, so they sleep in separate beds

Baz Luhrmann and his wife, Catherine Martin, are both well-known in the film world. Luhrmann is known for directing stylish films like Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, and Romeo + Juliet (via IMDb). Martin, on the other hand, is a famous film, stage, and interior designer, who has worked with her husband on many of his best-known films. 

After spending so much time working and living together, we can hardly say we're surprised to learn that this celeb couple sleep in separate beds; they opened up about their unique arrangement to the Daily Mail. "We worked out a long time ago that we both need space," Luhrmann explained. Apparently, when they were together 24/7, they got into bad habits of poor communication. "Things would become fraught," Luhrmann added. So, for the sake of their marriage, the couple decided to take to their own floors in both their New York and Sydney homes. 

However, on Saturday nights, Luhrmann and Martin always have a date, followed by a night in a hotel together. Talk about a well-balanced schedule! No wonder these two are still going strong.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk found it easier to sleep in separate beds

Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely something of a trend setter. On her "lifestyle brand" website, Goop, the actress constantly explores experimental living techniques and products (via Good Housekeeping). So when Gwyneth Paltrow married TV producer Brad Falchuk in 2018, she decided to hop aboard the solo sleeping trend. 

In fact, as Paltrow revealed to The Sunday Times, the couple didn't actually move in together right away. Instead, Falchuk kept his old home, and spent three nights a week there. Apparently, Paltrow's "intimacy coach" had to approve the setup as it would help to keep things "fresh." As it turns out, Paltrow couldn't have been happier with her part-time privacy. "Oh, all my married friends say that the way we live sounds ideal and we shouldn't change a thing," she revealed. 

However, Paltrow told late-night host Jimmy Fallon in October 2019 that she and Falchuk had finally moved in together. No word yet on if they still sleep in separate beds!

Victoria and David Beckham sleep in separate beds in their "his" and "her" wings

One of the most famous celeb couples of the '90s had to be David and Victoria Beckham — or as you may fondly know them, Posh and Becks. Since tying the knot in 1999, they've certainly gone through their ups and downs. Notably, in 2017, The Sun reported that the couple's divergent lifestyles were causing problems. Apparently, David liked to party, while Victoria preferred to live a quiet life. 

If those rumors were true, it seems that the couple managed to find a good solution: they sleep in separate beds. That same year, the Daily Mail explained that they'd invested in a new country home with distinct "his and her" wings. According to reports, each wing had its own kitchen, bedrooms, and courtyard — talk about privacy! 

It seems that the separate quarters were in part a result of restrictive planning permissions. However, as a source said, "It actually works out well for David, Victoria, and the kids. If they are all driving each other mad, they can retreat into these wings like they are living in separate houses." We can't say we blame them!

Donald and Melania Trump sleep in separate beds and different rooms

There's been quite a lot of speculation about Donald and Melania Trump's marriage. One opinion piece in The Guardian couldn't help but wonder, "Are Donald and Melania Trump in love?" The article looked into their reportedly bizarre marriage, and found that they seem to enjoy spending time apart. 

According to Mary Jordan, a Melania biographer, the Trumps sleep in separate bedrooms, regardless of which of their many homes they're in. "I don't know any couple that spends as much time apart," Jordan mused. Additionally, according to the reports of White House staff, Donald and Melania don't really share many interests and they both are "loners." "They're perfectly happy to be separated," Jordan continued.

Despite their unusual at-home setup, Jordan was clear that the Trumps do have a certain respect and understanding between them. Apparently, Donald trusts Melania more than most people in his inner circle. And, as Jordan explained, Melania was one of the people who encouraged her husband to run for president in the first place. We think it's safe to say that this is one of those celebrity couples we may never fully understand!

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip always slept in separate beds

As it turns out, Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband, Prince Philip, were another celebrity couple who preferred to sleep in their own separate, royal bed chambers. 

According to the 2012 biography Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch, this setup is actually incredibly common among the British aristocracy. Lady Pamela Hicks, Prince Philip's cousin, explained, "In England, the upper class always have had separate bedrooms" (via Woman and Home). It seems that it would actually be more surprising if the couple had slept together every night!

Lady Pamela later added that sometimes, Queen Elizabeth and her husband probably liked to cuddle up like any married couple. "When you are feeling cozy you share your room sometimes," she continued. "It is lovely to be able to choose." We have to admit, having the luxury to decide when you want to share your sleeping space sounds pretty pleasant.

Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett made their relationship work by sleeping in separate beds

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal were a Hollywood power couple for two decades; they then split up for a few years, before getting back together and becoming each other's caregivers in old age (via Biography). It turns out, that while the couple began their relationship with the more traditional bed-sharing setup, over the years, they grew to value their privacy more. 

O'Neal explained in his autobiography Both of Us (via HuffPost), "We were sleeping in separate bedrooms by [1990], but not for the reasons you're thinking." He revealed that they started sleeping in separate beds when their son was a toddler. Apparently, the young boy would come into their room and kick one of them out of the bed! "Eventually he outgrew this, but by then, Farrah and I had grown used to our privacy and it stuck," he continued. "Even when we traveled after that, we'd often get adjoining rooms." He added that he found their arrangement "terribly mature." 

We totally agree — this celebrity couple was grown-up enough to realize that privacy can actually be a great thing!

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook lived apart for a year after marrying and slept in separate beds

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco married equestrian Karl Cook in 2018, according to a post on her Instagram page. However, unlike most newlyweds, Cuoco and Cook didn't immediately move into the same house. Instead, they lived separately for over a year while building their new dream home together and working on their individual projects.

Luckily, the arrangement worked perfectly for Cuoco and Cook — even if some fans were shocked. "I made headlines saying that we don't live together yet and people went crazy, they couldn't believe it," Cuoco explained on an episode of The View. But even though people were taken aback, Cuoco wasn't fazed. "We love it, so I don't know why people have such an issue," she continued. Clearly Cuoco and Cook know what works for them — and couldn't care less if their fans think their situation is abnormal!

Eventually the couple did move in together, according to another Instagram post. However, we still don't know if they sleep in separate beds, or prefer to have their own private space. Either way, it seems like they're thriving!

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker had their own separate beds in their own separate homes

After dating in the '90s and working on Broadway together, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker married in 1997; as of 2020, they're still going strong (via The Oprah Magazine). It turns out, the secret to the celeb couple's longevity might be their separate sleeping quarters. In 2016, Radar Online reported that the couple had decided to try a technique called "conscious coupling," which involved living in adjoining New York City townhouses. "They'll be tearing down a wall between the townhouses to make a mega mansion, but it's definitely one side for her and the other for him, with the kids having access to both," a source told the outlet. 

Apparently, this setup was partly designed as a compromise of Parker's neat lifestyle and Broderick's messy one. But despite the separated accommodations, the source was clear that the couple continues to spend quality time together and even have the occasional "sleepover."

In 2018, Parker opened up to Us Weekly about how things were going. She admitted that the fact that they spent time apart for work was "enormously beneficial." If it works, it works!

Carson Daly and his wife sleep in separate beds

Carson Daly is one of America's most famous TV personalities (via IMDb). He and his wife, Siri Carson, decided to start sleeping in separate beds in 2019. With his hectic schedule and their four children, we can hardly blame them! 

Daly joked about the decision on Today (via People): "I got sleep-divorced in September," he quipped. "We cited irreconcilable sleeping." Daly went on to explain that a range of factors contributed to their decision. Specifically, he has a condition called sleep apnea, his wife was pregnant, and they had downgraded to a smaller bed during a home renovation.

Apparently, due to his sleep apnea, Daly actually has to wear a CPAP machine while sleeping. "That's like sleeping next to Darth Vader," he explained. "Most women would want to sleep in another bedroom." We have to agree with Daly that the celeb couple's decision seems like the only reasonable one!

Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt slept in separate beds while married

Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie — or "Brangelia" as they were fondly known — spent years at the center of much media attention. The press didn't mind spreading a few rumors about the celeb couple over the years, and the public seemed to lap it up. One of the rumors that circulated was started by their former bodyguard; he spoke to In Touch Weekly and dished that the inner workings of Pitt and Jolie's marriage wasn't exactly what people might have thought.

Apparently, the pair had a lot of fun at the beginning of their relationship. However, as the years went on, Pitt and Jolie began to sleep in separate bedrooms. Allegedly, Jolie became erratic and critical. "She screams and yells a lot, then walks away," the bodyguard claimed. Apparently, she would "disappear into her suite for hour," too. 

While it's hard to know whether all of these dramatic reports are true, it's not hard to imagine a couple with so much wealth building separate suites where they could get some privacy from time to time.

Kevin Jonas and his wife sleep in separate beds because of his snoring

The Jonas brothers made headlines when they revealed that they all wore purity rings, signifying their wait-till-marriage commitment (via W magazine). The oldest Jonas brother, Kevin Jonas, married his wife Danielle Jonas in 2009 (via Refinery29). 

However, according to In Touch Weekly (via Glamour), the celeb couple started sleeping in separate beds pretty early on (though a source confirmed that Kevin did in fact wait until marriage to spend a night with his wife). And by the sound of things, their wedding night turned out to be quite a surprise — but not in the way you might think. "She had no clue that he snores so loudly," the source explained. Apparently, she often moved to the guest room so that she could get some sleep! 

Nevertheless, the source was clear that Kevin and Danielle are still very happy together, and their separate room situation wasn't a sign of trouble in paradise.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick slept in separate beds for their kids

Kourtney Kardashian — who's undergone a stunning transformation — and her ex Scott Disick were another celeb couple who slept in separate beds. Kardashian opened up about how it all started on her website, Poosh. As she explained, she found that co-sleeping with son Mason Disick when he was a newborn was the best way to get him to settle down for the night.

However, when Kardashian gave birth to Penelope Disick, the bed became a "family bed." At this point, Disick moved out. "With two kids in my bed, Scott had begun sleeping in the guest room," she wrote. Disick explained this further on Twitter, writing, "Just want to clear up the reason why we don't sleep in bed together. I'm not a good sleeper, and with Mason in bed I can't fall to sleep!"

Eventually, Kardashian's kids all learned to sleep in their own rooms, so it's possible that she and Disick may have moved back into the same bedroom at some point. However, by 2015, the couple had broken up, according to Us Weekly.

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan have a great relationship because they sleep in separate beds

Actress Gillian Anderson and film director Peter Morgan began dating when they were a little older. As Anderson explained to The Times, this meant she could approach the relationship with a lot of maturity. "There is a new creativity nowadays to what a relationship should look like," she said, explaining that she and Morgan choose to live separately. "If we did [live together], that would be the end of us." 

Anderson and Morgan's separate homes and beds mean that the celeb couple chooses when they spend time together and when they spend time with their kids. Plus, they don't have to deal with the fear of what would happen to their lives if they broke up. Another positive of the arrangement? "It is so huge for me to be able to see a pair of trousers left lying on the floor at my partner's house and to step over them and not feel it is my job to do something about it!"

Anderson makes a great point, as many relationships crumble because of the pressures that come with being roommates.