Christina Anstead Has The Perfect Response To Parent Shamers

It's hard living your life in the public eye — especially for a parent like Christina Anstead. The recently separated mom of three is under the microscope constantly, and it can't be easy. Which is probably why the Flip or Flop host decided to stand up for herself on social media (via Life & Style). Besides, this time, the issue involved her kids, and that is something Anstead just couldn't stand by and not say anything about.

The HGTV star responded to recent criticism in an Instagram post. She began her lengthy and heartfelt message by echoing what most of us have been feeling in 2020. "This year has been incredibly isolating. Activities like church, travel, dinner, movies, sports — canceled. No longer seeing my friends smiling faces on set (all covered by masks) it all feels like s**t," Anstead wrote as a caption to a selfie. She added, "So many changes for so many people. So despite what you see on Instagram most people are struggling."

Christina Anstead opens up about what she is struggling with

According to Anstead, she is often told, "you must be an absent mother because you are not with your kids." The newly single mom was quick to shoot down this criticism, writing, "I hardly post anymore ... and I def do not want to post my kids every freaking day to make it a contest of who's a better parent." Of course, Anstead is talking about how she shares her kids Taylor and Brayden with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, and her son Hudson with her estranged husband Ant Anstead.

"This doesn't mean I'm not with my kids — it means the opposite — I am with them — I'm present," Anstead answered her critics, adding these stern words, "So stop parent shaming people, stop choosing sides when there is no side to choose."

The empowering post ended with Anstead reminding people that on Instagram, we should remember what we are seeing sometimes are fake smiles and filters. "I've been guilty of faking it too. We are all struggling — some of us are just better at 'masking' it."

The reaction to Christina Anstead's super candid post

Responses to the reality star's brutally honest words were overwhelmingly supportive, with fans agreeing people need to be kind, and reminding Anstead that she really shouldn't worry about what others think. One commenter said, "Focus on the people that love and admire you! Your [sic] amazing, beautiful, strong, independent and real!! Misery loves company ignore the haters!!" Anstead's social media followers also resoundingly voiced their appreciation for the reality star being, well, real. One complimented Anstead, saying, "Real talk. I appreciate it."

Many other supporters shared encouraging words for the California native, such as, "You are definitely a good mother that no one can replace." And one follower perhaps said it best with this comment: "Focus on your life and your family and screw social media."