Here's Why A 'Skin-Icing' Trend Is Taking Over Social Media

The benefits of icing your skin have long been touted by skincare experts — even dating back to the 18th century. It's been said that Russian Empress Catherine the Great had a habit of icing her face, neck, and décolletage each morning, according to Byrdie. Modern-day experts have also praised the skincare hack. Marie Claire reported that YouTuber and makeup artist Lisa Eldridge swears by ice facials to relieve puffiness. Supermodel Kate Moss is also a fan of the technique, she told Marie Claire in 2016.

But now, one beauty guru is taking the technique to an entirely new level. Influencer and entrepreneur Tina Craig, known on Instagram as @bagsnob, recently went viral after sharing her hack for skin-icing with her followers.

It's not exactly surprising that fans are eager to unveil her skincare secrets. After all, Craig's feed is chock-full of videos and photos showing off her gorgeous, glass-like skin, hanging with A-list celebrities, and sharing her favorite luxurious products. In 2019, Craig even launched her very own skincare brand, U Beauty, which promises customers "transparency, efficacy and simplicity" in its products.

Now, the beauty giant is sharing perhaps her most accessible tip yet — the perfect way to ice your skin.

The secret to relieving tired skin with ice

In a video shared to her Instagram page in September, Craig breaks down her skin-icing technique. "De-puff from the weekend's sins, reduce inflammation, ease acne and reduce signs of aging for a Glass-like glow!" the influencer's caption reads.

The clip shows her filling a spherical ice mold with coconut milk, then gently rolling the frozen concoction onto her face. "I use coconut milk because it's a natural anti-bacterial cleanser, melts fast in a creamy slush which feels less harsh on my skin," Craig continues in her caption. For those with super sensitive skin, Craig recommends wrapping a thin towel around the ice cube before rolling.

After her video exploded on social media (it garnered over 288,000 likes on Tik Tok), Craig spoke with Byrdie about how she developed her skin-icing technique. She explains to the outlet that she chose to use coconut milk because "it's smooth, soothing, and a few minutes is all it takes to revive tired skin." However, she also says that if you don't have coconut milk, almond or oat milk will do the trick.

And those ice cube molds she uses? They're not some fancy skincare tool. "They're actually whisky ice cube molds my husband uses for his scotch," Craig reveals. "And I'm never one to waste."

For the full "glass-skin" effect, Craig rubs the ice across the 111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Mask from her brand, U Beauty. After icing, she applies The SUPER Smart Hydrator to complete her radiant — if not chilly — skincare routine.