What It Really Means When You Dream About School

Dreams: we all have them, but not many of us know what they actually mean. And it can be difficult to make sense of them when we typically forget about 95-99 percent of dreams by the time we're awake (via the National Sleep Foundation). Thanks to dream analysts, or dream therapists/interpreters as they're also called, we can begin to study our dreams and try to understand in more detail what they might mean. 

Dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson describes her niche profession as "the process of deeply analyzing a dream that sheds light on the dreamer's unconscious mind." She adds, "From that point, I can interpret the dream, which means translating the bizarre and surreal dream into a language that is meaningful and helpful to the dreamer, or I can work with the dreamer at a therapeutic level to address issues revealed by the analysis of the dream" (via Jane Theresa Anderson).

Throughout the night, we typically have about four to six dreams (via National Sleep Foundation). Well, have you ever found yourself dreaming about school? Chances are high that you have. Dream analysts believe that this is for a certain reason, and it might even be a reflection of your mental health.

Dreaming about school isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does often reflect your mental health

Dreaming about school is actually a pretty common experience, according to Psychology Today. "In dream surveys, being in school typically ranks among the top five dream categories in frequency, even among adults who have been out of school for decades," Peter Gray, Ph.D. says. When it comes to dreaming about school, there are various different kinds of dreams you might be having, all of which mean different things.

In general, "Schools symbolize a state of mind when you are caring about what you are thinking. You may have issues at work, or other areas of your life that are weighing heavily on your mind. You are concerned about something," (via Dream Bible). If you're dreaming specifically about a school, as in the institution itself, that might mean worry — social concerns, anxiety, and insecurities. It might also be a reflection of how you're being perceived by others. However, positively, it can also represent, "Enjoying learning something difficult. Learning about your problems, your past, or how to improve yourself." Dreaming about a specific class or subject might also mean something. "For example, history classes may reflect the reexamining of your past and math classes, your attempts to solve a difficult unforgiving problem that requires a perfect solution," (via Dream Bible).

If you're worried about your dreaming? We suggest introducing healthy habits into your bedtime routine, such as turning off the screens early, not eating too late, or even sleeping on your stomach (via Woman's Day).