Rudy Giuliani's Reaction To Biden's Win Is Raising Eyebrows

No one was expecting Rudy Giuliani to shout, "Yippee!" when he found out that all major networks had announced that Joe Biden won the election — but the raw reaction of President Donald Trump's personal attorney is still pretty stunning to observe. Standing at a podium in Philadelphia, prepared to discuss how the current president would be suing the various states over their ballot-counting practices, reporters asked Giuliani how he felt about the "call," referring to the midday announcement by CNN, Fox News, NBC, and other mainstream outlets, that Biden had won Pennsylvania, thereby securing the minimum 270 electoral votes to win the entire election. "Who was it called by?" the former New York City mayor asked, only to be told, "All the networks!" After a prolonged silence, Giuliani's anger became clear.

"Oh my goodness! All the networks. Wow!" he said in a mocking voice (per New York Post). Then he informed the reporters, "Networks don't get to decide elections. Courts do." Then, Giuliani began to guide the conversation back to the reason why he'd called the press conference in the first place. "Courts set aside elections when they're illegal," he said. "There's certainly enough evidence to disqualify a certain number of ballots."

Giuliani has made it clear that Trump will not concede the election

In Giuliani, Trump has a fierce advocate, fighting to keep the 45th president in the Oval Office. "Obviously he's not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question," Giuliani said during the press conference, explaining the Trump's legal team is filing suit within Pennsylvania because his team had been prevented from getting a close look at those ballots. "We were deprived of the right to inspect if a single one of those ballots is legitimate. That is unheard of, it's illegal, it's unconstitutional, and we will be bringing an action challenging that," Giuliani told reporters. There has not been any evidence provided so far that the Pennsylvania ballots had been tampered with, CBC News reported. 

And Pennsylvania is only one of a handful of suits where the Trump legal team is filing claims. Americans should be on the lookout for a "massive nation-wide lawsuit," Giuliani said (per ABC News). Other states that Trump is suing include Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia, the Associated Press has reported. But legal experts have questioned the legitimacy of all of these suits. "A lawsuit without provable facts showing a statutory or constitutional violation is just a tweet with a filing fee," Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, told ProPublica.