Why Joe Biden's Hat Is Causing Such A Stir

We know incoming First Lady Dr. Jill Biden best as an educator — even during the campaign, she had already indicated that she had no plans to stop teaching if she became FLOTUS. But if there is anything else friends and associates of incoming Dr. Biden wants us to know about her, it's that she is a prankster. Her former communications director Courtney O'Donnell told the Associated Press (via Tampa Bay Times), "She has a very good sense of, especially in these times, that bringing a little smile, some joy, some levity into moments is important." Aides remember her as the person who dressed up as a member of the catering staff to surprise the celebrant at a birthday party, or the one to show up at events in red wig with a bob to make her husband, President-elect Joe Biden, laugh. 

So it shouldn't come as any surprise at all that when Dr. Biden posted a glowing, happy photo of the President-elect and herself in what appeared to be their study with the caption, "He will be a President for all our families," a few interesting details that caught social media's eye (via BuzzFeed).

Twitter thinks the Bidens may be throwing shade at the Trumps

In the photo Dr. Biden shared, the newly minted president-elect was wearing a blue baseball cap with the words "We Just Did" and the number 46. Twitter went wild. One social media user posted a photo of President Donald Trump returning from his golf game after losing the election and wearing a white "Make America Great Again" hat alongside a close up of President-elect Biden captioned, "A tale of two hats today." Another user said: "YALL!!!! His HAT!!! "Make America Great Again" ... "WE JUST DID." BROOOO HIS MARKETING TEAM IS [exploding head emoji]." 

While everyone was zeroing in on the president-elect's hat, much less fuss was made over Dr. Jill's T-shirt, which could be seen, but just barely. But it was enough for one Twitter user to point out: "What does Jill Biden's shirt say??? I sense a 'Be Best' troll," with a second post pointing out: "I read it's likely 'Be Brave.'"

As In Style points out, this wouldn't be the first time the Bidens have had a bit of fun during an otherwise nerve-wracking campaign season. After the vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence featuring the Famous Fly, the Biden-Harris marketing team began selling fly swatters with the slogan "Truth Over Flies."