How Audrey Hepburn's Granddaughter Is Paying Homage To Her

Audrey Hepburn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and recognizable faces in the world. Nearly 30 years have passed since her untimely death at just 63-years-old, but her legacy lives on, and not just through her movies and humanitarian work with UNICEF. But through her only granddaughter Emma Ferrer. Born a year after her grandmother's death, Ferrer may not have met Hepburn, but she is undoubtedly influenced by the matriarch of her artistic bloodline (via New York Times and Vanity Fair).

Although not strikingly similar upon first glance, as Harper's Bazaar journalist, Pamela Fiori described Ferrer in one of only a few interviews of the elusive artist, they are clearly cut from the same cloth. She went on to describe, "First there was her gait—she fairly floated. Then I noticed the unmistakable, graceful posture of a dancer. Though she is not her grandmother's doppelgänger, there are definite similarities—the arched brows, the almond eyes, the long lashes, the full mouth, the radiant smile. And like Audrey, Emma is tall, with the legs and bearing of a gazelle."

Described by the New York Post as the "anti-Kardashian," it isn't Ferrer's grace, her study of dance, or her foray into the world of fashion and modeling that most readily connects her to the iconic Hepburn, it's her altruistic endeavors. Becoming an ambassador to the US for the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees and a UNICEF ambassador herself, Ferrer explained, "[Her UNICEF work] was the thing that made her most fulfilled. I would love to think that she would be super proud that I am carrying this on."

Emma Ferrer feels a connection to Audrey Hepburn through her work with UNICEF

Growing up the granddaughter of a woman so universally famous wasn't always easy for Emma Ferrer, especially when she was trying to figure out who she was and how she fit into the world outside of her family tree. But with maturity comes clarity, and as she explained in her Harper's Bazaar interview, "Sometimes when I was younger, I felt confused toward what having a grandmother like her could mean in my life. But I am now understanding."

That understanding meant embracing their differences as well as their similarities. When asked in a recent interview by Madame.Blue, what she and grandmother, Audrey Hepburn, have most in common, she explained, "Some people tell me that I have her eyes or that I look like her, and sometimes I can't see it at all and other times I think, well, maybe I do, who knows. But I think more than that I do feel connected to her through the work I do with UNICEF and the humanitarian causes I'm involved with which is wonderful." Ferrer explains that as a young girl, she felt like she couldn't live up to her grandmother's mythical status, "so it's wonderful that now through this work I'm doing I get to feel a more spiritual connection with my grandmother. I feel that I have to do good things in this world in the ways she would have wanted them to be done."