Dream Home Makeover Star Shea Reveals What You Should Splurge On In The Kitchen

If you're like us, you would literally do anything to have Shea McGee from Dream Home Makeover come into your home and redesign every inch. The interior expert lends her own unique style to any space — and the kitchen is a room where her taste and experience shines. Can she and her husband Syd please show up on our doorstep and surprise us with a dream kitchen makeover? While we wait for that miracle to happen (the reveal would be the best day ever), consider Shea's tips for redoing your kitchen — yes, without her.

In a Studio McGee YouTube video, Shea talks about where to save and where to splurge in the family gathering space. Surprisingly, the reality show star says if you are on a budget, "cabinetry is a place where you can save a lot of money." She acknowledges while it's beautiful, cabinets can be super expensive. Shea offers more tips for how to spend your money in the kitchen, and we're betting her advice is not what you'd expect. Because ultimately, it seems you can create a dream kitchen without hiring her to design it (which would not be budget friendly).

How to save money in the kitchen and what to splurge on

Okay, so you shopped for cabinets at IKEA to avoid blowing your entire kitchen budget. Shea also says going with semi-homemade cabinets is a good way to work within a budget. The next place to save? According to Shea, tile isn't worth a splurge. "Go with a simple, affordable backsplash," the home designer recommends. And then, direct your dollars toward what she calls "the jewelry of the kitchen." Shea is referring to "really great faucets, and hardware, and lighting."

Meanwhile, viewers of Dream Home Makeover will know the Utah mom of two favors white kitchens, but she assures her fans this isn't necessarily a trendy choice. It's all about your choice of lighting and hardware — again where Shea says homeowners can splurge — that makes your unique style shine and sets your kitchen apart from others.

A word of caution though: Shea says about mixing hardware, "I wouldn't use more than three different tones in a space." she tells her fans. But stick with one silver, for example, and mix it with a bronze. Sure, Shea. We will follow whatever advice you are kind enough to share! Speaking of which, on their site, the design team shares an open kitchen is always going to feel more functional. Keep things bright, functional, and use materials with longevity, and your kitchen will practically feel like to was put together by Shea herself.