The Surprising Connection You Missed Between Tracee Ellis Ross And Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson has been married twice — first to rocker Pete Wentz from 2008 to 2011, and then, in 2014, the singer married actor Evan Ross (via In Touch Weekly). If the last name Ross sounds familiar, you're on the right track with the connection between Black-ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross and Simpson's spouse. The Hunger Games star is the son of iconic singer Diana Ross (via Cheat Sheet). The "I'm Coming Out" singer is the mom of five children — among them is also Tracee, the second oldest (via Oprah Mag).


Tracee and Evan are half-siblings, with Robert Ellis Silberstein fathering the former, and Arne Naess fathering the latter. Both have spoken about their families with affection, with Tracee saying, "I felt like I grew up in her [Diana Ross'] embrace, not her shadow. And that is a testament to her. [Her children] were always more important than fame." Meanwhile, Evan told Bravo's Daily Dish, "We're super normal; there's no talent shows. Everybody's just so fun. I think it's interesting, 'cause there is a lot of talented [people] musically and artist-wise in our family [but] you don't feel that when you're with them."

Tracee Ellis Ross and Ashlee Simpson have affection for one another

And so, with Evan Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross being half-siblings, that makes the second daughter of Diana Ross (big sister is singer Rhonda) Ashlee Simpson's sister-in-law. Are you following all of this? 


It seems there is a big old love fest going on inside the super-talented family, with Tracee saying, "It's really cool. Who knew I was going to grow up and have Ashlee and Jessica Simpson as my new siblings" (via Popsugar). That's right — remember that Ashlee's big sis is none other than Jessica Simpson, a talent in her own right. Tracee has also said of Ashlee, who just welcomed her second child with Evan, "The thing that I think is really beautiful and amazing about her [is] she has a heart of gold, that girl. I swear to God, she's like a mushy love, and she's so sweet" (via E! Online).