Mary Trump's Prediction About The 2024 Election Is Turning Heads

We haven't seen much of President Donald Trump since President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 elections, but we have heard rumors being floated about that the soon-to-be former President is considering a return to the White House in 2024. But his niece, Mary L. Trump, who wrote the tell-all book Too Much and Never Enough on her uncle, doesn't think that is a possibility that will play out.

"First of all, I know that he said that he would, which is weird because that would mean that he's conceding loss now, but I think that was floated initially as a way to appease him and assuage his ego," Trump tells CNN's Chris Cuomo (via Twitter). "But he will never put himself in a position where he will lose like this again, first of all.

"Secondly, it would mean for four years he will be playing a supporting role which will be very difficult for him to sustain. Most importantly, in four years, he will be the same age Joe Biden is now, however, Donald is a very unhealthy person. He has a terrible diet, he doesn't exercise, and he has psychological disorders that continue to go untreated so I don't imagine that he'll be able to run in four years, plus the fact of course, he may be looking at serious charges being brought against him," she says.

Mary L. Trump doesn't shy away from calling her uncle out

Mary L. Trump doesn't shy away from calling out her uncle for what she sees are his deficiencies. Shortly before the November 3 elections, she published an editorial in The Washington Post calling her uncle out, saying "If we look at the past 3½ years, Donald has lied publicly in excess of 20,000 times; he has impulsively, and against all reason, gone against the advice of experts who could have helped contain the pandemic and protect the economy; he has put private citizens at risk by attacking them on Twitter because they have criticized him; he has proved himself to be incapable of accepting responsibility, changing course or exhibiting empathy."

After the polls, she released another op-ed which ran in the British newspaper The Guardian, where she warned that her uncle would "be having meltdowns upon meltdowns right now. He has never been in a situation like this before. What's interesting is that Donald has never won anything legitimately in his entire life, but because he has been so enabled by people along the way, he has never lost anything either. He's the kind of person who thinks that even if you steal and cheat to win, you deserve to win." 

One Trump adviser tells the The New York Times that "He [Trump] knows it's over." But whether the President is prepared to accept that information — and act on it — is another matter altogether.