The Real Reason Bumble Is Such A Hit

With 82 percent of singles turning to online dating since the onset of COVID-19 (via, even celebs such as Riverdale's Charles Melton are getting in on the action on apps like Bumble. As the actor explained to Elite Daily, "it's helped me stay connected amid everything going on in the world right now."

While the prospect of matching with The Sun Is Also a Star actor sounds appealing, Bumble's women-make-the-first-move setup also offers an advantage given these stressful times, with 31 percent of people reporting having symptoms of depression or anxiety in response to COVID-19 (via CDC). According to new research from Ryerson University published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, symptoms of social anxiety and depression are associated with greater use of dating apps among women. Meanwhile, the effect on men is that they are less likely to initiate contact with their matches, but that's a non-issue on an app like Bumble.

Bumble is for more than just dating

The motivations for reaching out online are for more than just romance, say researchers at Ryerson University. "With increased symptoms of [social anxiety] and depression, women may be even more likely to turn to technology for social connection, especially if alternative forms of social contact are reduced due to social avoidance," according to their study.

To that end, women have been turning to online apps to connect with new friends during the pandemic, including Bumble, which also runs Bumble BFF for finding friends and Bumble Bizz for career networking. As one user explained to Bustle, "When you're using the BFF function [on Bumble], you know that the other women on the platform are also actively looking for friends." She adds, "Since the start of the pandemic, literally everyone I've messaged has responded to me!" Other apps worth swiping are Hey! Vina, which matches you with potential friends based on a personality quiz; Atleto for finding workout buddies; and Peanut for meeting likeminded moms in your area (via Women's Health).