Dream Home Makeover Star Shea's Tricks For Creating More Storage In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a space that can tend to feel super cluttered. This is especially true for shared bathrooms. And, since you are walking into this room potentially multiple times per day, you may feel frustrated and hopeless over the seemingly impossible-to-tame accumulation of towels, products, and knick knacks.

Good thing Dream Home Makeover star and master designer Shea McGee is here to help us mere mortals organize our bathrooms and carve out more storage — even on a shoestring budget. The Utah native offers up some easy and accessible tips for bathroom design management in a Studio McGee YouTube video. So take notes! Because Shea is seriously a genius when it comes to helping folks create beautiful, functional spaces (we idolize her kitchen aesthetic), and the bathroom is no exception.

First up? Medicine cabinets — which are hated by some, and much appreciated by others. "We get rid of a lot of medicine cabinets," Shea admits. But it turns out the sometimes-unsightly bathroom feature provides function in many cases.

Small design changes create a big impact in the bathroom

In the world of home design according to Shea McGee, if a bathroom medicine cabinet is built into the wall and looks like "your actual mirror," well, the home design guru wants us to know there are actually "some great options out there." So, don't rule 'em out, especially since this double-duty feature can store so many products and keep them out of sight.

"Towels take up a lot of space underneath cabinetry," Shea also admits, but the mom of two has a great tip for towel management if limited storage is a problem in your bathroom. Shea recommends adding a tray rack above the toilet to stack towels on, which frees up space for storing other bathroom essentials in a cabinet.

Meanwhile, Shea says the bathroom is a space where you can affect major change on a small budget. Not only will following her storage tips help clean up the much-used room so it feels more aesthetically pleasing when you walk in each time, but another small change can make a big impact. According to the Netflix host, painting your cabinetry is a simple upgrade that will feel huge. She's also a big proponent of adding custom elements to make the space feel unique, such as a stand-alone vanity or decorative rug (via Domino).