Kelly Osbourne Reveals The Reason For Wearing An Eye Patch

Kelly Osbourne has always been fearless with fashion. She had to be, as one of the hosts of E!'s sadly missed Fashion Police and a member of rock's first family, The Osbournes. The daughter of metal icon Ozzy Osbourne has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow and worn everything under the sun, with most of her crazier choices easily found since the starlet has been in the public eye since she was a moody, eyeliner-sporting teenager.

Osbourne's latest fashion choice would be dubious on anybody else, but on her it makes a certain amount of sense. The 36-year-old showcased a jaunty eye patch, in classic black, of course (since it goes with everything), reassuring her Instagram followers that pairing it with a face shield isn't a problem, so she can still stay safe (via People). Is Osbourne taking inspiration from pirates sailing the high seas? Is she gunning for a part in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Sadly, it's something far more relatable.

The TV personality suffered a makeup-related mishap

As Entertainment Tonight reports, Osbourne revealed on her Instagram Stories that she suffered a horrifying, mascara-related injury. "When your makeup artist says, 'Don't move,' don't move. Don't move at all," she warned followers. As the TV personality explained, "I'm currently on my way to the eye doctor because I scratched my f*****g eyeball on a mascara wipe." Her makeup artist, who was riding in the car with her, quickly apologized, to which Osbourne reassured her, "It was my fault! It really was my fault. I moved right into it."

Perhaps showing off some previously untapped clairvoyance, she advised, "I really hope I get an eye patch because that would be a f*****g look." And indeed it is, as evidenced by her follow-up posts. The singer argued, "The only good thing about this is that it does look like I could maybe poison you and kick the s*** out of you just by looking at you," although she admitted, "It still hurts." Osbourne recently lost a whopping 85 pounds thanks to gastric sleeve surgery. Naturally, wearing an eye patch doesn't faze her after undergoing such a massive transformation.