Rudy Giuliani's Live Hair Dye Blunder Has Everyone Talking

It's never good news for Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, when one of his interviews goes viral. From the Fox News coughing fit to a humiliating fake interview with a Borat star, Giuliani has unwittingly embarrassed himself over and over in front of the camera. Giuliani's latest viral gaffe involves hair dye gone awry. In a video, dark hair dye can be seen dripping down the former New York City Mayor's cheeks as his face beaded with sweat during a press conference (via The Sun).

As Giuliani cluelessly dabbed at his face with a handkerchief, he accused Democrats of organizing voter fraud in battleground states Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin. "When went to bed, [Trump] was ahead in all those states," Giuliani told reporters. "It kind of begs credulity that it all happened in every single state – my goodness, this is how you win cases in a courtroom."

Rudy Giuliani's dripping hair dye took Twitter by storm

Of course, like all Giuliani blunders, the dripping hair dye quickly had Twitter lighting up. Author John Pavolvitz went for a pun, writing, "Rudy Giuliani is an attorney to dye for." "Today's press conference is live from the Four Seasons Total Hair Dye," another person quipped. "You'd think @RudyGiuliani could afford better hair dye on the $20,000 per day the Trump campaign is paying him," noted one Tweeter. 

Meanwhile, Christopher Wylie offered the former Mayor free advice on hair dye leaks, declaring, "Hair dye is a bipartisan issue." All the jokes had the hair dye brand Just For Men trending on Twitter. Also trending? The movie My Cousin Vinny, which Giuliani referenced while talking to the reporters, even impersonating Joe Pesci's performance.

All the tweets had even the most seasoned of social media participants exhausted. "how do I mute one specific picture of Rudy Giuliani" queried Washington Post writer Alexandra Petri.