Rudy Giuliani's Latest Interview Is Turning Heads For More Reasons Than One

When President Donald Trump was holed up at Walter Reed Hospital last weekend, one of the people he reportedly reached out to was former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who told Fox and Friends: "I was very happy to hear his voice sounding the same as I've known it for 30 years," he said. "He gave me a lot of notes to give to the campaign ... I had to kind of get him off the phone so he went back and rested. He's probably the strongest and healthiest guy I know, anywhere near his age," Giuliani said. 

Giuliani was back on Fox News on Monday to congratulate his boss and for his "remarkable turnaround" and to criticize Democratic candidate Joe Biden's mask policy (via The Daily Beast). He directed his comments to the former vice president saying: "It isn't science to be wearing that mask, Joe, when you are giving a speech and people are 30 [to] 40 feet away from you. The only thing you can infect is the teleprompter that's near you. So, I see through you. That's a political statement to scare people, wearing that mask. You do not need that mask when you are standing at a podium." 

The interview criticizing Biden's CDC-compliant mask policy turned some heads when the former New York City mayor started coughing and interrupting himself during parts of the segment. At one point, Guiliani appeared taken aback by the force of his hacks.

Rudy Giuliani helped Donald Trump prepare for the debates

Giulani was with the president and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie for the first presidential debate last week, because Giuliani was part of the debate team (via Daily Beast). Both the president and Christie also tested positive for coronavirus, and Christie admitted himself into the hospital, tweeting: "In consultation with my doctors, I checked myself into Morristown Medical Center this afternoon. While I am feeling good and only have mild symptoms, due to my history of asthma, we decided this is an important precautionary measure." None of the people on the debate prep team wore masks.

Giuliani's coughing fit was so bad it became a topic of conversation on Twitter. One of those who weighed in was actress Bette Midler who tweeted: "#RudyGiuliani is supposedly awaiting results of a Covid test, but tonight he coughed his way through an interview on Fox News. It was so bad, I stood 12 feet away from my TV with a mask & a shield on. Just kidding, I don't watch Fox." Another Giuliani critic tweeted: "Trump's debate prep team Chris Christie — positive. Kellyanne Conway — positive. Bill Sepien — positive. Rudy Giuliani — hacking."

Giuliani is just waiting for word on his latest Covid test. Like his friend Donald Trump, his age puts an extra handicap on his ability to easily recover from the coronavirus.