Why Barack Obama's InStyle Photoshoot Has People Talking

Fans of former president Barack Obama consider him one of the coolest presidents in American history, due to his style, his personality, calm demeanor, and overall presidential swag. He's never been above singing in front of crowds, dancing in public, or even coaching his young daughter's basketball team. And despite being in the public eye, the former president would nerd out with children, goof around with his kids, play with animals, flirt with his wife, and just be unapologetically himself (via Business Insider).

In the midst of Joe Biden's presidential campaign, at an event where Obama accompanied his former vice president, the two walked through the gymnasium of the Flint Northwestern High School in Michigan. As they walked past a hoop, Obama was passed a basketball, and then made a very casual three-pointer shot, subsequently continuing his walk through the gym and he announced, "That's what I do!" (via The Guardian). The crowd — or, Biden's team, in this case — couldn't help but ooh and ahh.

His InStyle photoshoot features a familiar look

Obama was recently featured on the cover of InStyle magazine, and what he's wearing on the cover might look familiar to you. According to Glamour Editor-in-Chief Asanda Sizani, "President Barack Obama on a special January 2021 cover of InStyle Magazine. He was asked to wear the same jacket he sank the three pointer in while campaigning with President-Elect Joe Biden." The photo is accompanied by perhaps the only caption that could possibly suit this photo: "That's What I Do." Obama is wearing a confident smirk in his cover photo, and we think it suits him — and so did many other Twitter users.

His feature in InStyle is titled "Barack Obama on The Women Who Made Him", and it discusses "his childhood and what makes Michelle, Sasha, and Malia so badass" (via InStyle). He also speaks about his new book, A Promised Land, which is perhaps best described as his memoirs. We recommend getting your hands on the book ASAP, as it's selling out faster than the former-president is making three-pointers (via AP News).