Hailey Bieber Has Way More Tattoos Than You Thought

Justin Bieber is a seriously big fan of tattoos. Fans were shocked when the young pop star first got inked at just 16 years old. They were even more shocked when he got a tattoo tribute to his pop star ex Selena Gomez in the height of their on-again, off-again love affair. Fast-forward a few years and the Biebs is practically covered. He's amassed an impressive 60-plus tattoos in the last decade, Page Six reports.

Next to Justin's heavily-inked body, his wife of two years, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) seems practically untouched. Don't be fooled, though. She shares her husband's love of getting inked. Unlike her hubby, the 23-year-old is into minimalist designs. It's for that reason you may have never noticed that the model has a tattoo, let alone over 20 of them. Hailey's tattoo collection is as impressive as it is hard to spot, so we're breaking down all of Mrs. Bieber's tiny tats.

Hailey Bieber started getting tattooed shortly after she turned 18

Hailey Bieber managed to be a total trendsetter, even with her first tattoo. In January 2015, she got her parents' wedding anniversary in Roman numerals on the side of her wrist, "VI-X-XC." She went to tattoo artist JonBoy and made sure to tell all her famous friends, as he revealed to Refinery29. "If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have been tattooing Kendall and Kylie [Jenner], Justin [Bieber], or anyone else," he revealed. "All these celebrities have come to me because Hailey said, 'Yeah, he's chill — go for it.'"

That June, Hailey added a simple "G" in tribute to Zoe Church pastor Chad Veach's daughter, Georgia. A month later, itching to get inked again, Hailey and cousin Ireland Baldwin got matching "Baldwin" tattoos on their middle fingers. That wasn't the only matching tattoo Hailey got that summer. She and Kendall Jenner famously got matching broken heart tattoos, with Hailey's in red ink and Kendall's in white.

Hailey got two more tattoos before 2015 was through. JonBoy added "Minas Gerais" on the outside of her left ankle, and just before the year's end, Hailey added a gun to her left middle finger. Hailey then took a break for a few months before the tattoo bug bit her again. In 2016, she and pal Mari Fonseca each got the word "gente," which means "people" in a number of languages. Hailey added the dainty tattoo to her left hip.

Hailey Bieber began getting spiritual with her tattoos

Next up was Hailey's clever "pray" tattoo, which sees "pr" on one hand and "ay" on another. The whole word can be seen when she brings her hands to the prayer position. She soon added to her collection two months later, when she got a star on her right index finger and three tiny black dots on her left middle finger. She also added the letter "K" to her left index finger and "3:30" on the side of her right hand, which references John 3:30 in the Bible. Her Biblical tattoos continued when she added "seek" on her neck, which refers to Zephaniah 2:3. Next was "unseen" on her spine, which refers to 2 Corinthians 4:18, according to an Instagram post.

Hailey began 2017 by adding "coeur d'Alene" on her left side of her back, just over her ribs. PopSugar reports the tattoo, which means "heart of Alene," is in honor of her sister, Alaia, whose middle name is Alene.

Her collection was almost complete, but not quite yet. She added a tiny cross on her neck in April 2018. That was followed by some Chevron lines on her finger, courtesy of JonBoy's Coachella tattoo sesh.

Hailey Bieber's slowing down on the ink for a special reason

After that spontaneous inking, Hailey waited a year before getting a tiny heart on her collarbone. A diamond tattoo crept up behind her right ear in February 2019. Next came the pre-wedding tattoos, courtesy of Dr. Woo. Hailey decked out her fingers with stars, a moon, a flower, and the letter "B," all designed to look like beautiful hand jewelry. Just underneath her tiny cross she got on her neck the year before, she added some script that reads "lover."

If you think Hailey's done with the ink, think again. In late 2018, she told Harper's Bazaar that she's itching for more tattoos, but she's waiting until she experiences a few more big life moments she might want to commemorate. More specifically, she's waiting until there are some little Biebers toddling around. "I want more, but I'm keeping space for my kids' names, and certain sentimental things, and I don't want to fill all the cute spots before ... I get there," she noted.