Here's The Difference Between The Divine Feminine And The Divine Masculine

No matter our gender identity, we are all a mix of both masculine and feminine energies, and each has a divine purpose toward helping us reach our highest purpose. When our own masculine and feminine energies are out of balance, we can experience inner conflict, difficulty making decisions, and crises of a spiritual or emotional nature. Similarly, when these energies are out of balance in a greater sense on the scale of a whole culture or society, that is when we experience conflict, power struggles, and other symptoms of this energy imbalance. But what encompasses the Divine Feminine versus the Divine Masculine, and what roles do they play in our inner lives?

Male energy is direct and projects outward with decisive, positive action; it secures, strengthens, and "has a giving nature." Female energy, on the other hand, is cyclical. It's directed inward, it nurtures and assures, and it "has a receiving nature" (via Traits of the Divine Masculine include logic, reason, action, firmness, survival, loyalty, adventurousness, strength, and rationality, according to Meanwhile, the Divine Feminine encompasses intuition, nurturing, healing, gentleness, expression, wisdom, patience, emotions, and flexibility.

These energies are even demonstrated in our bodies; the left side of the brain is considered "more logical and analytical" and is responsible for reasoning and language; it is therefore associated with male energy. Meanwhile, the right side of the brain is believed to be the "more artistic and spiritual" side and is responsible for addressing one's emotions; it is therefore related to the feminine.

How the two energies complement each other

The Divine Feminine is what allows us to just "be." It is "powerful, loving, and caring," and allows faith, trusting deep inner knowing and higher intuition. It allows us to take our time with observations. "She" discovers her way from the inside, by feeling wisdom, love, and freedom from within. She is "magnetic" and "attracts everything she wants" simply by knowing that it is already hers; this allows for the manifestation of her dreams. The Wounded Feminine, on the other hand (the feminine energy when it is not in its full power or has been subject to trauma), demonstrates "desperation" and "neediness," according to 

The Divine Masculine is what allows us to "do," to take decisive action, but not aggressive or angry action despite what we might assume. Instead, it is based in open, loving, and faith-based action. The masculine listens to the Divine Feminine's knowledge, receives her intuitive wisdom with openness, and then acts on that knowledge with confidence. This action is based in knowing that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves. It is masculine energy that unites the world in love and "personal authority." It is "he" who looks out for, protects, and provides for "his" community, family, and those in need. The Wounded Masculine perverts this by creating conflict when fear has overtaken faith, and "he" feels the need to prove a sense of worth due to feeling unworthy of inclusion or love.

How these energies manifest on a societal scale

In our current society, we are experiencing an imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies; our world (especially the western world) has leaned too far in the direction of the masculine energy, and without enough feminine energy to balance it out, a great deal of the Wounded Masculine is playing out on the world stage, responsible for conflict, violence, and unhealthy competition in many forms. By injecting more feminine power into our individual lives and into our communities, we can (and, in many cases, already are) slowly tipping the scales back toward a healthy balance. This will help to alleviate the current dynamics that dominate not only global interactions but personal ones, in which we see the codependent Wounded Masculine tangling with a needy Wounded Feminine (via As we each seek to heal our own inner wounds and traumas and better incorporate a balance of these energies, we can each step more fully into our own power, living lives led with love and spreading that love outward like a healing wave.