Dua Lipa's AMAs Style Has People Talking

Dua Lipa has never been one to conform to any rules, especially when it comes to fashion. Her style has always been individualist and chic, and it's been exciting to see how her taste has transformed over the years. Not only is her style noteworthy, but she happens to be a trend-setter, too. She set off the resurgence of a grunge-era trend when she rocked a '90s-inspired brunette lob with stark blonde bangs, of which she transformed throughout the duration of the year — adding pink, orange, and bright red to it. 


So obviously, we're all taking notes and waiting with bated breath to see what the 25-year-old will wear next. Lipa constantly reminds us that no matter what she's wearing, she's rocking it. Which means it comes as no surprise that her 2020 American Music Awards outfit was also on point.

Dua Lipa looked like a star tonight in an ocean-themed dress

At the American Music Awards this evening, Lipa turned heads as she walked the red carpet in a starfish-clad, under-the-sea style short gown. On Twitter, she posted a few beautiful and whimsical poses sporting her starfish dress, with the caption, "LEVITATING LIVE FROM THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON" (via Twitter). Twitter users absolutely loved the look, with one person tweeting, "PLSSSSSS I SCREAMED," and another saying, "What a beautiful queen." She's stomping the AMAs like a chic piece of coral and we're totally here for it.


Tonight's look really just goes to show us that no matter what theme she chooses, she flaunts it with glamour and grace. Catch us heading into our Zoom calls tomorrow morning with a starfish-themed 'fit.