Nelly's AMA Performance Proves He Hasn't Aged A Bit

While the AMAs are usually full of the year's hottest new artists, this year's show featured a performance 20 years in the making. Nelly performed a medley of his hit songs "Country Grammar," "E.I.," and "Ride Wit Me" (via Entertainment Weekly). The appearance celebrated Nelly's groundbreaking album Country Grammar, which came out 20 years ago and has sold more than 10 million copies to date. Nelly was introduced by Cedric the Entertainer, a fitting choice due to Cedric's appearance in the song.

Nelly's performance this evening left us feeling totally nostalgic with his '90s throwbacks. He performed in front of a huge screen with a shirtless photo of himself from the 90s that really drove home the fact that he hasn't changed a bit since the height of his career.

His AMA performing tonight payed homage to 20 years of his career

While Nelly's performance was as magnetic and polished as ever, fans had something else on their minds: Is it getting hot in here, or was it just Nelly's steamy performance? Twitter couldn't believe how good the rapper looked.

"so nelly gon be fine his whole life huh?" one fan tweeted. "Thank you Nelly for taking such great care of yourself. It's truly an honor to still be crushing on you 20 years later. Congrats sir," actress Lauren E. Banks tweeted. Some fans were just excited to be reminded of their own youth. "omgsh Nelly making me feel young again with this performance. I love this man!" one fan declared. We couldn't agree more.