Megan Fox Reveals New Tattoo At The AMAs. Here's What It Means

It's practically a cliché how getting the name of your own true love inked permanently on your own flesh means you're bound to break up and be in for some painful tattoo removal or at least an embarrassingly large and obvious cover-up tat. Your mom probably warned you about this, and your tattoo artist probably should have as well, except for the fact that they stand to make a few bucks on both ends –- first when you get inked, and then when you come back in wanting it camouflaged or erased.


Anyway, it seems nobody told Megan Fox about the Murphy's law corollary regarding relationships and tattoos, so we fear that her new(ish) relationship with Machine Gun Kelly is about to become her latest ex-relationship. How do we know this? Well, a sharp-eyed (and multilingual, or at least adept with Google Translate) Twitter user spotted and promptly broadcast the following: "we finally have a close up of megan's tattoo and it says 'el pistolero' which is spanish for the gunman aka machine gun kelly!!! my f***ing heart."

Twitter thinks Megan Fox's tattoo is just sweet

Many Twitter users seem to think this tattoo is just the most adorable thing ever, dropping comments like "IS THIS TRUE OMG WTFF THATS SO CUTE I????," "omg maybe it's Spanish cause they met in puerto rico," and "They like have to get Married at this point." A few cynics still lurk among the starry-eyed romantics, however. One tweeted: "I cannot believe these two are together lol...," while another simply reacted with a row of eye-rolling emojis.


Well, whether Fox comes to regret that tattoo sooner or later, she's no stranger to the removal process. While she once expressed a wish that there would be a magic pill that could make all unwanted tattoos simply vanish (including the name of her ex-husband), she told Esquire that she actually went through the procedure of having a Marilyn Monroe tattoo erased. Easy come, slightly less easy go ... with ink and with boyfriends, as well. But maybe next time, Megan, you might want to consider coming up with a generic nickname for all the men in your life — that way, you could just move from "pookie bear" to "pookie bear" without the need for any ink removal.