The Most Expensive Outfits Kim Kardashian Has Ever Worn

If the name Kim Kardashian has been synonymous with anything, it's wealth and expensive taste. Additionally, from her days as a reality star to her life as a businesswoman and mom, Kardashian has pushed the envelope. Who can forget the moment when she attacked her sister with a handbag, or when her marriage lasted 72 days? Time and time again, Kardashian has captured the attention of millions.

Due to her celebrity, it's no wonder that Kardashian pays close attention to what she wears. Since her days with Paris Hilton, her style has evolved — gone are the sweatsuits and the chrome Louis Vuitton handbags, as Kardashian has switched them out for many priceless gowns and hard to find designer pieces.

With millions upon millions of followers on Instagram, it should come as no surprise that Kardashian shows off a lot of elaborate outfits on social media. From insider pics of her closet to snaps of her fittings, Kardashian has made a habit of inviting people into her fashion process. Lucky for us, because we've gotten to witness some of her most iconic looks. So look no further, because here are the most expensive outfits Kim Kardashian has ever worn.

This expensive handbag that Kim Kardashian was gifted is worth more than most new cars

Kanye West truly knew how to impress Kim Kardashian with gifts even back in their early days of dating, because back in 2013, he gifted her this designer bag — with a twist. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, West gave Kardashian a $40,000 Hermes Birkin bag, and had it specially hand painted by contemporary American artist George Condo. Yes, you read that price correctly. So not only was the bag itself worth thousands more than many folks make in a year, but West had an additional value placed on it due to the priceless artwork.

Condo's work has been permanently displayed at some of the world's most iconic art museums including the Whitney and the Guggenheim; as of 2013, it also found a home in Kardashian's closet. The painting itself "features a trio of voluptuous nudes and one angry green monster," so yes, it looks as interesting as it sounds. Kardashian took to Instagram at the time to share a photo of the Birkin bag and its additional artwork, captioning it with a number of hashtags including #OneofOne and #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy.

This expensive suit that Kim Kardashian wore during Paris Fashion Week set her back thousands

Paris Fashion Week really is the time to go all out, and Kim Kardashian certainly did not hold back in 2020. At the beginning of March, Kardashian hit the Paris scene in an expensive Balmain outfit that cost her — prepare yourselves — up to $28,750 (via Page Six). Yep. She attended her husband Kanye West's Sunday Service performance in the look, so let's break it down.

The blazer itself, made of latex (that looks rather uncomfortable if we're being honest) cost $17,095 just by itself. The turtleneck bodysuit that Kardashian layered underneath boasted a $6,150 price tag, and the final piece of the outfit — the latex leggings — costs $2,750. Considering that latex is really just another form of rubber, this is such a hefty price to pay. 

The look wasn't the only Balmain latex ensemble that Kardashian rocked during the week. She later stepped out in a blush pink version of the look, and then sported another Balmain latex blazer that had a $19,850 price tag. So needless to say, she spent a lot of $$ on rubber.

Kim Kardashian has a pair of Yeezys in her closet that some people have paid $90,000 for

We love a great sneaker, and are more than willing to pay the price for a good pair — but Kim Kardashian has a pair of Yeezys in her closet that some have paid upwards of $90,000 for. How exactly does someone drop that much money on a pair of shoes? Well according to PopCrush, a pair of limited edition Yeezys became available for $245 — not too bad at all, right? Wrong. Someone who purchased the shoes put them on eBay, and the limited edition pair sparked a bidding war like no other. Eventually, the kicks sold for $90,000 — and we really hope they were worth it. 

Why are Yeezys so expensive? According to the New York Daily News, Kanye West's shoes are more than worth the money, due to the fact that "every pair is finely crafted with a knitted exterior, with the various colors weaving in and out to give Yeezys an unmistakable design." Of course, we can imagine that Kardashian didn't have to pay for her pair, given her relationship with the man behind the design. But $90,000? Yikes.

You won't believe how much Kim's Kardashian's wedding dress cost when she married Kanye West

Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West was the wedding of the century, and in true Kardashian form, she went all out for her gown. According to People, Kardashian opted for a custom, Givenchy Haute Couture gown designed by Riccardo Tisci (a close friend — we know, casual). Get ready for the price: an estimated $500,000. That's what a home cost, not a wedding dress. But to be fair, Kardashian did look stunning in the expensive outfit. 

The wedding itself really did pull out all the stops, too. The couple's daughter, North West, had a small matching dress to that of her mom's. Additionally, guests were given glow-up treatments for the ceremony by a "full glam team," and Paris-based fashion stylist Allison Depriestre estimated that services like that could have very easily cost $380 per guest. That means that for the 200 plus person wedding, the couple could have very easily spent over $65,000 on looks alone. That's quite the commitment to looking camera perfect.

This Alexander McQueen gown that Kim Kardashian wore is priceless

Kim Kardashian wore this expensive outfit at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars Party. It didn't have a price tag (that we know about), and honestly, we're relieved because thanks to the details of the gown, the price might be too much to handle. Kardashian wore the Alexander McQueen Oyster dress that was part of the designer's 2003 spring/summer collection. 

According to Harper's Bazaar, the dress is one of only two that has ever been made, and while one is sitting in Kardashian's closet, the other is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum's curator, Andrew Bolton, described the dress as "arguably the most important dress of the 21st century," given its significance and stunning details. 

Kardashian announced via social media that Kanye West had gifted her the dress for Christmas, acquiring it from Lily Et Cie — an archival designer store in Beverly Hills. As noted by The New York Times, Lily Et Cie is famous for being a museum as well as a store given its "half-million pieces of vintage fashion." We're convinced that we'll never shop there, but Kardashian totally slayed in this iconic piece.

While visiting the White House, Kim Kardashian wore a $72,000 outfit

In addition to her reality show career, Kim Kardashian made a name for herself in politics when she started working with the Trump administration on criminal justice reform. But being who she is, Kardashian pulled out all the outfit stops for one of her visits to the White House. 

According to Newsweek, Kardashian opted for a dark green, oversized blazer and a pair of coordinated, high-waisted trousers by designer Vetements. She wore a nude-colored bodysuit with the ensemble, a pair of feels, and topped it off with a pochette handbag from Hermes. She looked very put together and sleek, and far cry from some of the insanely form-fitted outfits we've seen her in before. 

Here comes the price of the expensive outfit: the blazer was $925, and the pants were $1,210. Sounds expensive, but not completely over the top, right? Well it was the handbag that pushed the outfit over the edge, as her particular bag was very rare, and as such came with a $69,775 price tag. In total, the entire expensive outfit cost about $72,000. Excuse us while we go check our bank statements.

This expensive Dior dress that Kim Kardashian wore was originally on display at the Met

While attending the American Influence Awards, Kim Kardashian wore a gorgeous red dress inspired by the traditional Chinese tea ceremony dress. Designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior, the look was originally released in the 1997 fall collection, and obviously, made its way into Kardashian's closet. 

As noted by Red Carpet Fashion Awards, the expensive outfit was an "unforgettable fashion statement" for a number of reasons. It was iconic when released, and made such a splash on the fashion scene that the dress eventually made its way to the display case of the Metropolitan Museum of Art during its "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibition. Kardashian paired the look with a sleek hairdo and simple heels, because she clearly knew that the dress was the star of the show. 

Because the gown is vintage, an exact price tag wasn't disclosed, but given that silk Dior gowns can cost upwards of $6,900 — for new designs, not even iconic ones like Kardashian's choice — it's safe to say that the dress cost her a pretty penny. But given Kim Kardashian's net worth, she can afford it.

This gorgeous designer dress easily set Kim Kardashian back a couple thousand

Kim Kardashian often shines brightest when she opts for simplistic red carpet looks, and the expensive outfit that she wore to the 2019 Emmys was classic, elegant, and just plain gorgeous. Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the black velvet dress paired with layered chunky silver jewelry was in line with Kardashian's then-fashion trend of wearing black and silver pieces (via Bustle). Kardashian wore a very similar ensamble to the Creative Arts Emmys just a week prior, so the look was an elegant extension of what she had been previously spotted in. 

The dress featured a squared neckline, a fitted bodice, and a mermaid-fitted silhouette. Kardashian also wore her hair down in a simple middle part, with a classic smokey eye and a nude lip, clearly letting the dress and the jewelry do the talking. The exact price of Kardashian's dress remains unknown, but a similar dress for by Vivienne Westwood is available to purchase for $2,445. But as Kardashian has shown (and we'll get to another Westwood look later on), Westwood's gown can cost a fair amount more.

The expensive wedding dress(es) Kim Kardashian wore to marry Kris Humphries broke the bank

It wouldn't have been a Kim Kardashian wedding if it hadn't been over the top, so naturally, her nuptials with Kris Humphries seemingly broke the bank. As noted by Us Weekly, Kardashian had three wedding dresses. Those, combined with Kris Jenner's dress, the bridesmaids' dresses, and the mother of the groom's dress cost an estimated $150,000. Excuse us while we hyperventilate. 

The gown that Kardashian wore to walk down the aisle was a custom Vera Wang, and a source revealed that the expensive outfit cost about $25,000 on its own. Of course, the price could have varied given the details and the amount of time spent on the dress. 

If Kardashian's dress budget wasn't enough to make your eyes water, this price disclosure will. According to CBS News, Kardashian's wedding — for a marriage that lasted a mere 72 days — reportedly cost about $10 million in total. Yes, you read that correctly. And given that the couple spent $20,000 on the cake alone, it's no wonder that the price got that high.

The neckline of Kim Kardashian's expensive Versace dress made us all nervous

For the 21st annual amFAR Gala, Kim Kardashian opted for a figure-hugging vintage gown from Versace. It was as gorgeous as it was worrisome — given the deep plunging neckline and the very form fitted bodice, the potential for a wardrobe malfunction was severe. But that didn't stop Kardashian from looking stunning in the expensive outfit; she paired the look with simple sandal heels and loose wavy hair. 

Kardashian's makeup artist — Mario Dedivanovic — used the reality star's own makeup line to create a smokey eye and a simple lip. "Kim was wearing a black vintage Versace dress from the '90s so I wanted to go for a relaxed and effortless vibe with the makeup to keep the look modern and fresh," Dedivanovic told Hollywood Life (via Harper's Bazaar.

So how much did the outfit cost? Because it's vintage, the exact price is undisclosed, but vintage Versace dresses sell on resale website Farfetch for as much as $4,700. To that end, it's safe to say that the look set Kardashian back a couple thousand.

This expensive outfit that Kim Kardashian wore will cost you hundreds

Kim Kardashian slayed in this dress by designer LaQuan Smith while attending the Tom Ford fashion show in 2017. Kardashian chose the figure-hugging fit from Smith's fall 2017 collection, and dazzled with her silvery-blonde hair and dramatic makeup. But here's the thing — the dress was made out of PVC material — so yes, it was made from literal plastic, as noted by the New York Post

PVC is one of the most common materials out there (just think of all the things around you that are made out of plastic), so you'd think that the dress would be reasonably priced, right? Nope. The expensive outfit sells for $600 and has to be purchased via special order. $600 for a plastic dress — we'll let it sink in. 

Of course, the designer was thrilled at Kardashian's choice. "She actually purchased the dress, no fitting required, and has been a great supporter of the brand," Smith said. "I've dressed Kim at least eight times, along with Khloé, Kylie and Kendall. Kim is unapologetically sexy and the ideal LaQuan Smith woman."

While attending a birthday party, Kim Kardashian wore an expensive dress worth over $9,000

Sean 'Diddy' Combs went all out for his 50th birthday party. The guest list was star studded — from Mary J. Blige to Lizzo to Beyoncé, it seemed like anyone who was anyone was there. And of course, that included Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The attire was black tie, and in pure Kardashian form, the reality star went all out. 

As noted by the Daily Mail, Kardashian chose a vintage Vivienne Westwood gown that did not disappoint. The expensive outfit — which debuted in Westwood's 1999 bridal collection — featured a corseted bodice and a form fitting design made of decadent silk. So technically, the dress can be added to Kardashian's arsenal of wedding gowns.

As far as cost, the dress cost $9,300, though Kardashian looked like a million dollars in it. She paired the look with old Hollywood-styled waves, simplistic but effective makeup, and minimal jewelry (just a bracelet and stud earrings). Kardashian clearly knows when her dress needs to be the center of attention, and this look did not disappoint.

Kim Kardashian wore an expensive beach outfit

It seems like Kim Kardashian's wardrobe should be put into categories — evening gowns, casual wear, and bikinis — because each category really has a stand out star. Kardashian has shared some of her favorite looks on Instagram, and this bikini from designer Burberry did not disappoint. According to Life & Style, the two piece set her back a ripe $520. 

Now for Kardashian, that doesn't sound like a ton of money, but we personally don't know anyone who would spend that much on a bikini (we'll stick to the $19.99 options from Target, thanks). Kardashian also shared a photo of another bikini top and matching Burberry leggings that went with the whole ensemble — altogether, the expensive outfit set her back about $1,520. For leggings and a bikini (because we think it bears repeating.) 

The bikini set itself is actually really cute, and features a squared off neckline and high-waisted bottoms. Kardashian snapped a selfie in the suit, with her hair pulled back in a half-up-half-down style, while sitting on the floor of her closet. Her closet has a couch in it, FYI.

This custom iridescent look that Kim Kardashian wore probably cost thousands

If one thing is for sure, Kim Kardashian knows how to turn heads on the red carpet, and this expensive outfit that she chose for the FGI Night of the Stars Gala in New York City did not disappoint. As noted by PopSugar, Kardashian wore a silvery iridescent dress by designer Rick Owens for the occasion, which featured a one-shoulder neckline and a very fitted waistline and skirt. Given that it was custom, the fit was amazing, but it's worth highlighting just how perfectly the dress hugged Kardashian's figure. 

Kardashian paired the dress with no-fuss sandal heels and chunky silver rings, clearly indicating that the dress deserved the attention. Her hair was left down in very effortless looking waves, and she kept her makeup look natural and glowing. She looked amazing, honestly. 

So the cost of the ensemble? Like so many of Kardashian's best looks, the actual price was not disclosed, but Rick Owens dresses sell on designer site Net-a-Porter for as much as $1,500 (and those looks are not custom.) So unless Kardashian struck a deal with the designer, the dress easily set her back thousands.