Inside Jessica Simpson's Gorgeous Mansion

Jessica Simpson — who's undergone a stunning transformation – may be a proud Texan, but California is where she's putting down roots. It's no surprise, given that she's a Hollywood starlet, as well as a singer and fashion mogul. But now that Simpson raising three kiddos alongside hubby, ex-NFL player Eric Johnson (via The Sun), less time away from the cameras and more time at home seems to be Simpson's main goal — especially when home is a gorgeous mansion in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Simpson's family mansion is worth $11.5 million, and features six bedrooms, stunning mountain views, and resort-style amenities including a pool and home theater. As seen on Simpson's Instagram feed, it appears her family is enjoying their not-so-humble abode, especially cooking up a storm in their state-of-the-art kitchen. And what would a shoe mogul's house be without a gorgeous shoe closet? And though Simpson's mansion has the glitz and glamour — did we mention the grand staircase? — there's a little bit of Texas thrown in the decor (via the Daily Mail). 

Without further ado, let's take a closer look at Jessica Simpson's gorgeous Los Angeles mansion. 

Jessica Simpson's gorgeous home takes up more than two acres in this exclusive neighborhood

Tucked inside the Hidden Hills community of Los Angeles, Jessica Simpson's gorgeous mansion seems to be a world away from Hollywood. Her family home is situated on more than two acres of pristine California land, per The Sun. That's definitely way more than enough room for the family of five. As seen in aerial shots snapped by the Daily Mail, the gorgeous mansion is surrounded by plush green grass, manicured gardens, and a mountain view — and seems like it's far away from pretty much everything, including the neighbors. 

Compared to other exclusive neighborhoods nearby, Hidden Hills reportedly offers rich Angelinos a sumptuous "pastoral setting" that includes barns, farm animals, and equestrian trails, as described on the community's website. There are also no sidewalks or streetlights inside Simpson's residential community. That's a far cry from the rest of Los Angeles!

Every so often, Simpson gives fans a glimpse of her family life in Hidden Hills on Instagram, including this photo of her youngest daughter, Birdie Johnson, at a nearby farm visiting her "neighborhood piggy friend Kevin Bacon."

Jessica Simpson's house was previously owned by this famous British couple

It seems like celebrities love buying houses from one another, and Jessica Simpson is no exception. Her Hidden Hills mansion was previously owned by English rocker Ozzy Osbourne, and his wife, Sharon Osbourne (per The Sun). The rockstar couple bought the gorgeous house in 2007 for $12.4 million. Six years later, in 2013, Simpson and her hubby, Eric Johnson, purchased the house for a deal — only $11.5 million. As if that's a small amount. 

Judging by Simpson's glamorous style, we can only assume her tastes are far different from that of the Osbourne family, which is why it wasn't a surprise when she made a couple of changes once her family moved in. Per US Weekly, Simpson transformed Sharon's walk-in closet into a nursery, and she didn't stop there. The look and feel of the mansion's interior is completely different than when the Osbourne family lived there. A photo gallery showing what was once the Osbourne home is on Zillow. And as seen on Instagram, Simpson added a touch of glamour and femininity to the otherwise Venetian-style interior design favored by the Osbournes.

Jessica Simpson's gorgeous mansion seems to always be growing

The wonderful thing about owning more than two acres of land, besides the obvious, is that there's always room to grow — especially when the family is growing. To that end, when expecting the arrival of a newborn, many families buy a larger house or turn the office into a nursery. According to the Daily Mail, Jessica Simpson opted to make her gorgeous mansion bigger; aerial photos captured workers constructing an entirely new space connecting the main part of the mansion to another large wing, making the abode all the more impressive.

Around the time Simpson and her hubby, Eric Johnson, welcomed baby number three (Birdie Johnson) into the world in 2019, they added a new wing to their Cape Cod-style home. Remember, this mansion already had six bedrooms to begin with, and is 11,000 square-feet in size (per US Weekly). That's a big house!

Every so often, Simpson shares exterior shots of her home on Instagram, and the mansion looks absolutely gorgeous in them every time. And from the looks of it, there's still more land to build on if the family so wishes. 

Jessica Simpson's home has a pool that's to die for

Jessica Simpson's family spends a lot of time at the pool and we can see why. A regular fixture on Simpson's Instagram feed, the resort-style pool has a mesmerizing view of the California mountains and even of downtown Los Angeles. Talk about a totally Instagram-worthy view! 

Take it from Simpson herself, who never shies away from sharing a sexy pool photo with her millions of followers. For example, she shared this snap of herself laying on a pool mat looking like a model for a perfume ad. In the photo, the pool appears crystal blue; it's also large enough to cannonball into from the sky, as seen in another photo, where hubby Eric Johnson is seen tossing their youngest daughter in the air. 

It looks like there's also plenty of fun pool accessories for a perfect day outdoors. Aerial shots taken by the Daily Mail showcase an impressive collection of pool lounge chairs and inflatable toys, including a basketball hoop. There's also a hot tub and shaded dining area perfect for hosting. If we lived in this gorgeous mansion, we'd be sunning by the pool all day too.  

Jessica Simpson's home has an outdoor play area for her kids

Jessica Simpson's kids are growing up fast, but they still have plenty of space to entertain themselves right outside their mansion's doors. Beside the gorgeous pool, Simpson's children have an entire playground to themselves, the Daily Mail reported. Clearly there's no need to wait in line for the swings here! 

In 2019, aerial images of Simpson's Hidden Hills mansion show a playground set replete with a slide and two swings, as well as inflatable toys and an adjacent basketball court. Of course, the latter had chalk artwork drawn all over it — looks like Simpson's kids have a creative side just like their mom does. 

Simpson told People during a 2019 interview that it can be challenging work to raise several little humans. "Three kids is no joke," she revealed. "It is definitely constant, and the biggest challenge for me is trying to be present when I am pulled in so many directions." Based on her comment, we can only assume play time at this mansion is the perfect opportunity for the mom of three to take a breather or two. At least there's plenty of space.

Jessica Simpson's home has a gorgeous shoe closet

Jessica Simpson is a fashion designer, so naturally her gorgeous mansion would feature a closet for just her beautiful shoes. Back in 2018, Simpson gave fans a glimpse inside her huge walk-in closet while modeling some '70s-inspired platforms on Instagram. In the photo, Simpson is surrounded by dozens of pairs of expensive shoes (possibly hundreds), of all different styles (wedges to stilettos), all neatly arranged by color from black to neutral. "Decisions, Decisions," Simpson wrote in the photo caption. It can't be an easy choice — if only we had that same exact problem. 

It's no surprise Simpson's gorgeous mansion is replete with a shoe closet. According to People, Simpson started her line, the Jessica Simpson Collection, back in 2006, and it includes clothes, accessories, and perfumes. It just wouldn't be on-brand for the fashion mogul if she didn't have a stunning closet. 

It looks like Simpson is passing down her love of shoes to her daughter, Birdie Johnson, according to a snapshot she shared on Instagram of her daughter rocking some seriously chic boots. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if all of Simpson's family members have their own shoe closet.

Jessica Simpson's gorgeous mansion has a recording studio

Jessica Simpson first won our hearts as a pop singer with hits like "Irresistible" and "I Wanna Love You Forever." Then, after a decade of no new music (2010's Happy Christmas being her last, via Billboard), Simpson dropped six new songs in 2020 to accompany her memoir, Open Book, according to Entertainment Tonight. We bet she recorded them inside her gorgeous mansion's recording studio, which had to be convenient. 

According to an interview with The New York Times, Simpson does indeed have a recording studio inside of her Hidden Hills mansion. At one point, she was interviewed in the studio, which was described in the article as an "Anthropologie dressing room meets VH1's Storytellers." 

According to Today, Simpson had the home recording studio built in 2015. When speaking about the studio, Simpson already knew she wouldn't have much alone time in there. "I'm sure my kids will completely take over," she shared — and it looks like they already have. In her memoir, Simpson shared that her kids love studio time with their mom (via E! News). 

Jessica Simpson's mansion has a gorgeous study

Jessica Simpson spent a lot of time writing her memoir, Open Book, inside the study in her gorgeous mansion. According to the Los Angeles Times, the study is located on the first floor and features a bounty of books, including Simpson's own memoir, all displayed on floor-to-ceiling, dark wood built-in shelving. Among the books displayed are a Bible and Simpson's favorite novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. When People asked Simpson about why she wrote her memoir, she said she did it to inspire others. "I have been approached many times over the years about writing a book," she explained. "It never felt right to me until this very moment... I have always felt that one of my God-given purposes in this life is to inspire people." Mission accomplished!

It looks like Simpson's study is a pretty inspiring place to write. And if it's still anything like the study Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne had before Simpson and her family moved into the mansion, it also features a gorgeous fireplace (via Zillow). Maybe if our makeshift home office was Simpson's study we'd have a hit on our hands as well.

Jessica Simpson enjoys cooking in her state-of-the-art kitchen

It seems like Jessica Simpson and her family love spending quality time in their state-of-the-art kitchen, per Simpson's Instagram feed. That was especially the case during the stay-at-home order in 2020, which had all of us in our kitchens more. US Weekly shared a photo of Simpson happily posing with a homemade six-layer dip inside her high-end, mostly white kitchen. Though all fans see of Simpson's kitchen is a glimpse or two here and there, Zillow shared a photo album of what the mansion's kitchen looked like before Simpson's family moved in (when Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne still lived there). 

Comparing the photo to what we see on Instagram, it looks like Simpson kept the white cabinets, but changed up the decor a little; she added feminine touches, like small chandeliers. We also learned that there's spectacular view of the mountains all around the gorgeous mansion, including from the kitchen windows. Plus, the large island in the middle of the kitchen looks the perfect spot for a bake-off competition.

Holidays and birthdays are always an extravagant occasion at Jessica Simpson's gorgeous mansion

Holidays and birthdays are serious business at Jessica Simpson's family mansion in Hidden Hills. For one, during Halloween 2020, Simpson snapped a photo of her three children all dressed up for Halloween, in front of their gorgeous, Cape Cod-style home. Christmas is also an extravagant affair at Simpson's abode, per People, as she and her family love dressing up the home in holiday decor — including a giant tree fit with pastel-colored ornaments. Simpson shared her 2019 Christmas family photo with her fans on Instagram, and the tree was situated meticulously in the background. Simpson obviously has a good eye for decorating, too; after all, the fashion mogul does have her own home collection (per Elle Decor). 

Birthdays are also a pretty big occasion at Chez Simpson. There's one table in particular that Simpson loves decorating for birthdays, which is situated near one of the staircases, as seen in a photo taken on her 40th birthday (as well as her son's birthday). No holiday goes undecorated at the Simpson household!

Jessica Simpson's gorgeous mansion has a few Texan touches

Jessica Simpson doesn't seem to forget about her Texas roots — in fact, she celebrates them. One of the ways she does this is with a cow statue that reigns over the front yard of her gorgeous mansion, per the Daily Mail. As a busy working mom of three, we're pretty sure Simpson opted for a fake one since it would require less maintenance than the real thing. Additionally, in one of the aerial shots taken by the Daily Mail, the cow statue is seen standing behind shrubs on a hill near the long driveway that leads up to the impressive abode. 

It looks like Simpson is also obsessed with the country, shabby chic look seen in many of Chip and Joanna Gaines' homes; according to PopSugar, Simpson's mansion is filled with different types of vintage furniture. It's hard to take Texas out of the girl, and that's obvious in Simpson's home decor. After all, at heart Simpson will always be a preacher's daughter from Abilene, Texas who grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, as noted by The New York Times.

Jessica Simpson's bathroom looks ultra-relaxing

Jessica Simpson loves to soak in bubbles just like the rest of us. One of the bathrooms in her gorgeous mansion features a stand-alone bathtub, feminine chandeliers, and a soft gray wall color — at least, from what you can tell in a photo Simpson posted on Instagram

It wasn't necessarily the most luxurious pic, either. In it, Simpson is holding the toilet seat she broke during one of her pregnancies. "Warning...Don't lean back on the toilet when pregnant," she wrote in the caption. Talk about relatable!

We're pretty sure Simpson spends a lot of time these days taking baths after a long day of chasing three kids around. The reason? It seems that Simpson has loved bath time ever since she was a little girl. Simpson's sister, Ashlee Simpson Ross, sent her sister well wishes for her 40th birthday on Instagram, featuring a photo of the two taking a bubble bath when they were kids. Some things never change.

Jessica Simpson's home features a grand staircase

What's a mansion without a grand staircase? Naturally, Jessica Simpson's gorgeous home features a curved staircase, which is the backdrop of many of the photos that she posts on Instagram. The grand staircase is traditional and white with a dark wooden railing that leads up to the second story. Behind the staircase is a set of large windows that allow the California sunshine inside of Simpson's family dwelling. 

In the center of the staircase is a table displaying a collection of family photos and extravagant flower bouquets; a long chandelier hangs just above it. 

The base of the grand staircase also seems to be the spot for the large Christmas tree during the holiday season, per Instagram. It's a regular fixture on Simpson's feed, which makes us think that it's definitely one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the Hidden Hills mansion, besides the pool. If the family stays in this house, we bet it'll be in the prom photos.