Cardi B Responds To Backlash Of Her Packed Thanksgiving Dinner

During times of national crisis, folks tend to hope that celebrities and other influencers will set a good example for their fans and social media followers. During the COVID pandemic, many celebs have been either praised or panned for their actions and the way their behavior encourages either compliance or defiance of the CDC and government protocols put in place to slow the spread and protect the people. Kendall Jenner was recently "cancelled" due to her embarrassingly large Halloween and birthday party during which the only masks to be seen were on the servers, not the guests.

Now, the latest celeb to land in hot water for a packed party is rapper Cardi B, who hosted a 37-person Thanksgiving celebration while the rest of the country was being told to forgo their usual family festivities and spend the holiday with only those in their immediate households.

The difference between these two famous ladies and their celebrations was that Jenner tried (and failed) to keep hers under wraps, while Cardi openly bragged on Twitter that she had hosted "12 kids and 25 adults over the holidays" and said "It was lit." Followers were not impressed (via

Twitter attacks Cardi and she defends herself

In response to the backlash, Cardi took to Twitter for a second time to explain that she had ensured everyone had been tested before gathering and assured her followers she hadn't meant to make anyone feel bad about missing their own families. Her tweet read: "Sorry my bad, wasn't trying to make nobody feel bad," she explained. "I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good and uplifted me. I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it. I wasn't trying to offend no1." While some fans appreciated this clarification, others still felt she was being irresponsible. One fan replied to this tweet by saying, "Bragging about your large gathering during a pandemic to your millions of impressionable fans who do not have the money that you have to get rapid tests is irresponsible."

Cardi then sent out another tweet to assure everyone that all those close to her are tested regularly, saying, "ME [especially] and everyone that works around me get tested literally 4 times a week," she wrote. "I'm in the middle of work and every time we clock in we MUST GET TESTED!"