The Reason Queen Elizabeth May Not Let Prince William Spend Christmas With Her

Is Prince William not going to see his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, for the holidays this year? According to a recent report from Page Six, the queen has been forced to choose which of her family members are allowed to celebrate with her this Christmas holiday, due to strict lockdown rules from the coronavirus pandemic. 

In accordance with the rest of the UK, the royal family will practice spending time with their respective "bubble," allowing people from three different households to come together to celebrate with family (via New York Post). The queen, who is 94, and her 99-year-old husband, Prince Phillip, have been and plan to be extra cautious around the holiday season, preparing to ease her "HMS bubble" at Windsor castle. 

Even with these cautious plans in place, the queen's grandson, Prince William, may be forced to steer clear of the castle with wife Kate Middleton due to the high risk their children, George, 7, Charlotte, 5, and Louis, 2, all pose, since they've been mixing with other children at school. If that unfortunate decision must be made, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will likely spend the holiday season with Middleton's parents in Berkshire.

How the royals will spend the holiday without the Queen

As for the rest of the royal family members, they all may need to stay restricted to their respective bubbles as well, with Prince Harry, wife Megan Markle, and their 1-year-old son, Archie, planning to spend Christmas at their California mansion (via Page Six). 

In addition, Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, may request a bubble with her two children and five grandchildren, the Post reported. Prince Charles tested positive for COVID at the beginning of the pandemic, granting him antibodies, although the family will likely still want to play it safe for the holiday (via BBC). 

Queen Elizabeth's other two sons, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, may or may not spend the holiday with their parents, although it's not yet confirmed. Prince Andrew is likely to form a bubble with daughters Princess Beatrice and pregnant Princess Eugenie and their families while Prince Edward — who has a 17- and 12-year-old — may still visit Windsor with his family, sources told the Daily Mail. 

Even so, the monarch could maybe see most of her family on the traditional Boxing Day shoot, which would allow up to 30 royals to attend since it's classified as an outdoor sport, the Telegraph reported. "They will sort it out between them; it will be about what's practical," a source told the Telegraph.