Here's Why 90 Day Fiance's Sumit Called Off His Wedding To Jenny

Poor Sumit and Jenny just can't catch a break. The couple, who are wholly committed to each other in spite of everything working against them, are fan favorites on 90 Day Fiancé but Sumit's family just cannot get onboard with their union. In fact, they were so against it that they arranged a marriage for their son and, when that didn't work out, paid the price both emotionally and financially with an expensive divorce tearing them all apart.

Sumit and Jenny have been together since 2011 and she has lived in India with him since 2013, but Sumit's parents claimed on the show that they didn't realize they were together for a while. Just a few months ago, fans had reason to believe that the 90 Day Fiancé stars had secretly tied the knot. However, judging by the most recent turn of events, it appears that not only did they not get married, but doing so may no longer be an option for them period. 

Sumit's mother took drastic action to prevent him marrying Jenny

As ET reports, during the season finale, Sumit's mother, Sahna, decided to take drastic measures to prevent their planned union. Sahna has had a major problem for years, mostly due to the significant age difference between her son and Jenny. After Sumit revealed that he was planning to marry Jenny very soon, particularly considering her visa is due to expire shortly, his parents dug their heels in harder than they ever had before. Sahna actually threatened to commit suicide if they went ahead with their nuptials, forcing Sumit to cancel them.

However, he refused to stop seeing Jenny altogether, arguing, "You can't force me to give up the love of my life." Jenny was understandably devastated, explaining how her visa's up and demanding to know, "How's our relationship supposed to continue if I'm back in America? How do you keep me here without marrying me? How? That sucks. That wasn't the plan. Or else I'm just gonna go back to America. That's gonna be it. We're gonna either continue with a long-distance relationship, or it's just gonna be done."

Jenny pointed out the same thing happened last year and she simply isn't willing to wait forever. "I'm not gonna give up on you, until you do," Sumit told her. He subsequently gave her a promise ring as a symbol of his longstanding commitment to her. Only time will tell if it will actually be enough to keep the 90 Day Fiancé stars together, though.

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