This Pimple Cover-Up Trick Is Taking Over TikTok

TikTok is a great resource for binging hilarious cat videos for three hours while in bed (or, hey, the bath tub) and for learning the hottest new dance trends that you probably won't actually do unless you're trying to embarrass your kids. But as it turns out, it's also a pretty great place to get makeup tips. No, really. We mean it.

The latest makeup hack floating around the social media platform is featured in a video from user glamnanne1, in which she teaches viewers how to cover up a pimple with expert precision. Sure, you may think you have what you need by dabbing on a little concealer, but how often do you cover it "perfectly" in the morning only to have it resurface a few hours later as your makeup fades or wears off? The video, which has been viewed over 200,000 times, offers a solution to this problem and step-by-step instructions to hide that bump completely — and all day.

How to cover your zit the TikTok way

Essentially, this TikTok trick calls for layering your makeup in a way that, as the creator puts it, resembles how you would use spackling paste. First, apply foundation thickly over the pimple and the immediate surrounding area using your finger. Next, brush off the excess and blend around the pimple. Follow this up by using a beauty blender to apply loose powder directly on the pimple itself. This will set the foundation. Do this whole process a second time. Once the second application of foundation and powder is complete, the final step is to apply concealer thickly and directly onto the pimple (not on the surrounding area), and then set one last time with the powder.

Does it work? Judging by the video, the pimple does virtually disappear before our eyes. However, many commenters worry that packing that much makeup onto a pimple will only prolong its life when it probably needs to breathe. WebMD explained that it is healthiest to avoid covering your pimples, but let's be real. If we have somewhere to be, we are probably not going to want to make an appearance with a red bump the size of Rudolph's nose just chilling on our face. In which case, Bustle suggests washing and treating the blemish before and after wearing makeup as well as using a noncomedogenic (not pore-clogging) or even medicated makeup to prevent making the issue worse.