Here's How To Hide A Double Chin With Makeup

In modern times, we interact with others through selfies, FaceTime calls, dating profiles, and Zoom meetings. All of these moments on camera can sometimes catch us at a bad angle. But, let's be honest, our so-called "bad angle" usually just means our double chin. It's not fun to glance down at your phone and see a double chin glaring back at you, but it's just a part of the visually demanding world we live in — and it happens to practically everyone. Luckily, makeup can wave its fairy godmother-like powers upon us and work its magic. Here's how makeup can help with your double, on the double.

In an interview with New Beauty, celebrity makeup artist Toby Fleischman suggests focusing on your jawline and attempting your contouring skills. For the newbies in the makeup world, contouring is the act of enhancing or "changing" the shape of your face with makeup. "Even for those who are a bit anxious about trying, this skill can easily deliver great results," Fleischman explained. "I like to use creams to contour the chin area, because I find it easier to apply, and most importantly, easier to blend, which is the key here."

Try going for a diversion

Professional makeup artist and VaultBeauty ambassador Melissa Mangrum outlined how to make our double chins less noticeable, telling New Beauty, "Whatever you use to contour the face, be sure to go just below the chin on the underside, make a triangle shape to the left and right, and blend back and down to create a subtle shadow."

This next trick is more about diversion than hiding. If you highlight your eyes and your cheeks, people will naturally hold focus on the top half of your face. For cheeks, try applying blush upwards for maximum enhancement, and draw attention to your eyes by using an eyeshadow or eyeliner (via StyleCraze). Sneaky right? It's like hiding in plain sight.

You can also use a concealer or foundation that is a shade darker than your regular foundation to create a more defined jaw. "My biggest tip to hide a double chin is to create a shadow right under the jawline with a darker shade of makeup," shared Magnum. All of these tips sound helpful in getting our double chins out of the shot. And until we can get our hands on our favorite products, we'll be making sure our camera lens is looking at us from a high angle.