Mary Trump's Shocking Prediction On Donald Trump's Post-Presidency Plans

To say the Mary Trump isn't a fan of her Uncle Donald may be the understatement of the year. The Too Much and Never Enough author has been a longstanding critic of her presidential relative, but it's generally granted that she may have more insight into his thought process than most. As a professional, her master's degree in literature from Columbia University and a doctorate in psychology from Adelphi University also come into play when evaluating her commentary (via Town & Country).

In one of her more revealing insights, Mary claims, "As Donald grew up, he was forced to become his own cheerleader ... he began to believe his own hype, even as he paradoxically suspected on a very deep level that nobody else did," (via The Sydney Morning Herald). Knowing this perspective helps us to understand Mary's commentary regarding Donald's immediate post-presidency plans. Says the author and expert, "He's going to put considerable energy, as least as long as he's able to, into delegitimizing Biden's win and his administration," (via AOL).

Video released by President Trump on December 2nd through social media lend this idea weight (via Twitter). Trump campaign lawyers have continued to pursue the false allegations of a rigged election, even after attorney general William Barr found the claims unsubstantiated (via The Guardian). Clearly, it would seem clear that Donald Trump is far from giving up on politics.

Is Trump 2024 in the cards?

But will Donald Trump run for president again in 2024? Mary Trump doubts it. Instead, she anticipates him focusing on undermining Biden, saying he will "take the position of spoiler because he lost so decisively" referring to the 2020 election and "because he cannot bear the thought of losing."

Despite Mary Trump's prediction, the 45th president seems to be taking the idea seriously, saying, "If this doesn't work out, I'll just run again in four years," (via Politico).

And then there's the question — can Trump actually become the 47th President of the United States? Technically, the answer is yes.

While Trump will be 78 in the next presidential race, Biden himself just won the 46th presidency at the same age (via New York Times). Assuming good health, either candidate could run and serve. There is also no law on terms limits that require a second presidential term to be consecutive (via Independent UK). One thing we can likely count on, is this insight from Mary Trump in her original book, noting Donald Trump's resilience, "No matter what happens, no matter how much damage he leaves in his wake, he will be OK."