Howard Stern Has Harsh Words For Donald Trump

Shock jock Howard Stern isn't one to mince words when delivering his opinion on anything from celebrity gossip to politics, and the current COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. In a scathing diatribe directed toward the president, Stern blasted Donald Trump for spending his last days in office fighting the election results from last month rather than, as the New York Daily News put it, "addressing the spreading pandemic that has killed more than 280,000 Americans this year and is getting worse."

Stern called the president's actions, or in this case lack of action, in regards to the spiking coronavirus numbers and the state of the hospitals across the country, "treasonous," adding, "I've never seen a country more poorly run than this one. It's a disgrace." 

According to the Daily News, in what could only be described as sheer irony, by the time Stern's Sirius radio show ended at 11 am on Monday, President Trump, once friend to the popular host and a regular on his radio show, had already tweeted twice about what he deemed a rigged and fraudulent election.

Howard Stern's harsh comments were spurred on after a doctor called the show

A caller who, according to the Daily News, referred to himself as simply a doctor from Cleveland, Ohio, described to Howard Stern and his co-host Robyn Quivers "the hell" he and other health care workers are experiencing, not just from the sheer influx of COVID-19 patients but the actual ignorance of those patients downplaying the severity of the virus and its high infection rate.

In response, a bewildered Stern emphatically stated, "This is treasonous, what's going on right now, telling people to run around, go to rallies..." Always the voice of reason, Quivers, a former nurse herself, chimed in, "Well it may not be treasonous, but it certainly is criminal." Quick to agree, Stern replied, "It certainly is."

In continuing the conversation, the caller further expressed his concerns that doctors and nurses are dropping like flies from both infection and exhaustion thanks to overrun hospitals, with Stern emphatically responding, "The doctors are going to start saying to themselves 'If the president doesn't care and the government doesn't care, what the f*ck am I going to be doing?'" Stern further suggested that cameras be allowed on all COVID-19 floors to give people a dose of harsh reality and stated, "They should follow you with a camera every night on the news, watching people die of COVID, watch them choking... I wish they'd show that on the news."